£25 million generated for local good causes

26th September 2019

We are delighted to announce that we have generated a total of £25 million to support local communities, since we opened our doors 14 years ago. This figure includes donations into endowment funds, as well as the income generated by these longer-term funds and made available for grant-making, plus donations provided for immediate grant-making.

To date, this milestone has enabled us to award over 3,400 grants to support groups tackling identified needs in areas of health, education, exclusion, the environment, sport and the arts, and also to disadvantaged individuals needing support with training, education and employment.


David Frank, Vice President and outgoing Chairman at the Community Foundation for Surrey said: 

“To raise £25 million from Surrey people for local philanthropy is a huge achievement, and I am extremely grateful to those who have supported us. As a consequence, the Foundation has been able to fund life changing projects which simply would not have got off the ground without the help of our supporters.”

David stepped down as Chair of the Foundation just this week, having served his maximum 3 terms as a Trustee. David has been instrumental in inspiring philanthropy across the county and has played a vital and very active role in the Foundations development.

Some donors choose to set up an endowment fund with the Foundation, where a capital sum is invested, and the income generated provides grant making funds throughout the year. Funds can be established as a one-off donation or built over a number of years. Endowments provide a fantastic long-term investment, allowing donors to continue giving for years to come. The Foundation currently holds an endowment of over £12 million.

Family Fund Donors, Community Foundation for Surrey said:

“Establishing an endowment is unique in that the gift is committed in advance and we can then enjoy the pleasure of being able to allocate the income derived from that gift, achieving some very worthwhile things on a regular basis and over a prolonged period (rather than being required to donate each time there is a request) – Our original gift has a sustained impact.”

As we continue to see growing needs affecting communities across Surrey, at a time when it is increasingly difficult for charities to secure the funding they need, local philanthropy is relied upon to bridge the gaps in our society and ensure the voluntary sector can provide vital support to local people and places.

Laura Thurlow, Chief Executive of the Community Foundation for Surrey said:

“We are incredibly proud to have reached this milestone and to have been able to support so many local people. We are confident that, by inspiring more philanthropic individuals to become involved, it will not be long before we generate even more for our communities.”

It is with thanks to the philanthropic individuals, families, businesses and charitable trusts partnering with us, that has enabled this £25 million to change the lives of so many people across the county.

If you would like to find out more about how you can give with the Community Foundation for Surrey, see our Giving page here. To see the ranges of local projects which we support, please visit our Who we Support page.