Am I eligible for a grant?

Please read our guidance notes for full details on who is eligible for a grant. However you should have a management committee, a constitution (set of rules) and a bank account as a minimum to be eligible for funding

What are the application criteria?

We are able to support a wide range activities awarding grants to support project costs, core costs or capital costs (see guidance notes). However each of our donor and area funds has its own criteria.  We ask you to tell us about your project using our Expression of Interest Form and we will let you know if we can invite you forward to make an application.

When is the application deadline?

Our donor funds have individual deadlines and we will let you know the next deadline when we invite you to apply. Most of our funds operate either on monthly or quarterly deadline.

Upcoming deadlines for our main grants programme:

– 17th January 2020

– 17th April 2020

– 17th July 2020

– 9th October 2020

Deadlines for individuals applying for funding varies, please read our Grants Process for more information.

How much can I apply for?

There is no minimum or maximum grant award on our general funds – however the average grant made is around £4,000. If we invite you to apply we will let you know if there is a maximum for the fund we have in mind for you. If you need £2,000 or less we would invite you to complete our shorter small grants application form.

This varies for individuals applying for funding, please read our Grants Process for more information.

Can I apply for multi-year funding?

Currently grants are awarded for up to one year. However in some cases donors will consider an application for multiple years and make an in principal offer for a second year of funding if the project is able to demonstrate success and funding is available.

How soon can I apply again?

We do not have a time limit on when a successful applicant can apply again but if you have received funding in the past we would require your end of grant monitoring to be up to date. If you have received your first grant we would need to see grant monitoring information on the outcomes of your grant before you could apply again.

What sorts of projects have been funded?

To see a list of all grants awarded, please visit our Who we Support page. See our Case Studies section for more detail on some of the projects we have supported.