Help with your end of grant report

Why do we ask for an End of Grant Report?

Your End of Grant Report is important as it enables us to see the impact of your project. The success of your project can inspire giving in potential and existing donors and increase the level of support we can offer to local projects.

Of course our donors also want to be confident that the money they have given is being used as they intended… and when they are happy they are more likely to provide more support.

It may help to remember that behind every Community Foundation grant is an individual, family or panel of local people who have decided to award a grant to your project.

Returning a completed End of Grant Report and the supporting documentation is one of the key conditions of your grant award and will enable your organisation to be considered for future grants. We are hugely grateful for every report which is received fully completed and in a timely manner.

Your step by step guide to the End of Grant Form:

  1. About your project

    This is your opportunity to describe the impact your project has had on your participants. What difference has the grant made to the lives of the people you support? How do you know? Have you had lots of encouraging feedback? The text box will expand as much as you need.

  2. Case Study

    Although we just ask for one case study, it is the personal examples of individuals who have benefited that really bring an end of grant report to life and other quotes or feedback from beneficiaries is much appreciated.

  1. Any other information

    This is your chance to let us know anything else you wish to about your project.

  1. Grant outcomes

    Use this section to report back as fully as possible against those specific outcomes which you agreed to measure at application stage.

  1. Beneficiaries

    Please refer back to your original application for these numbers and if they are very different from what you expected please tell us why.

  1. Grant Expenditure

    The majority of incomplete reports are missing appropriate evidence of expenditure. Please provide copies of invoices or receipts. Salaries should be evidenced by copies of payslips (from which personal details may be removed as necessary) or management accounts showing the salaries allocated to the restricted fund. We would also be grateful, particularly when you are providing lots of receipts, for your evidence of expenditure to be clearly organised, so it is clear how it relates to the breakdown of costs within your Report.

  1. Feedback

    Answer some short questions about how you have found our application process. We are continually looking to improve our service to groups so your feedback is very helpful.

  1. Declaration

    Please remember to sign your form.

Publicity materials and photographs:

High quality photographs make a huge difference to the information we are able to provide to donors, enabling them to see the impact of their giving.

Please send us photos and case studies by emailing our Marketing & Communications Officer Victoria or sharing via our Twitter or Facebook pages so we can share your success with our followers and supporters!

Do let us know what level of permission you have for the photos to be used. We can certainly keep them confidential for our internal use if you need us to, but we would also love to use them in publicity if you allow us.

We really enjoy seeing any publicity materials you have produced or local news items you may have featured in. As per your conditions of grant, please ensure that any publicity directly relating to the project our grant has funded acknowledges our support.

Annual report and accounts:

Your annual report and accounts should clearly show the grant award from the Community Foundation for Surrey, treated as Restricted Income.

The relevant accounts may not be available when you report back to us, please let us know when you expect these to be available. Please then make a diary note to send us a copy in due course.

Further support

These are just a few hints and tips about completing your report. If you feel you need further advice and support at any time in the application or evaluation process please contact our Grants Team.