How to apply to the Community Foundation for Surrey

Applying starts with submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) – this is a simple form where you can tell us what you need to fund. Don’t overthink it or spend too much time on it. If you have several projects you can send several EOI. Complete the EOI form by clicking the link below and the Grants Team will be pleased to advise you on whether we can invite an application.

For guidance, the average grant size from our Donor Funds is £6,000 – £7,000, and we may be able to secure in excess of £10,000 on occasion. Please enter the total you require for your project in the form below; we truly wish to know what your organisation needs. If we can identify a suitable Donor but feel we are unlikely to be able to secure the required amount, we will instead invite a lower amount and inform you of this. Please note, grants in excess of £15,000 from our Donor Funds are possible but unusual.

Please visit our What we do and do not fund page for more information and and our Eligibility Guidance.

In 2022 our application rounds will be themed:

Wellbeing – Advance the wellbeing, physical and mental health and safety of people of all ages.

The Expression of Interest deadline has now passed. If you have been invited to apply the deadline for applications is 9am on Monday 25th July 2022.
Funding outcomes will be provided in November.

Theme - Wellbeing

Equity & Inclusion – Reduce disadvantage and increase access to services, strengthen community cohesion and build social capacity.

Please submit your Expression of Interest by 9am on Monday 26th September.
The deadline for applications is 9am on Monday 10th October.
Funding outcomes will be provided in February 2023.

Surrey Strategic Transformation Programme The focus of this funding will be to support local voluntary and community organisations to become more resilient. This will be a rolling programme with no deadlines. Groups can start their application by submitting an Expression Interest (EOI) below.

*Further information on the types of projects supported can be found by clicking each theme title above

Theme - Equity and Inclusion
Surrey Transformation Programme_pexels-rfstudio-3811082_21 July

We have devised the themes so that there is considerable crossover with the type of projects that will be funded each round. We expect that many groups will be successful in securing funding in multiple rounds. For example, a group focused on improving the mental health of under 25s might wish to apply in both the “Young Persons” and “Wellbeing” rounds. Whereas a group tackling isolation amongst older people might like to apply for both the “Wellbeing” and “Equity and Inclusion” rounds.

The themes are intended to cover the breadth of social welfare if you are not sure where you fit please send us an EOI. Every EOI we receive helps us understand what groups genuinely need and our Grants Team can advise you of the most suitable funding options.

Steps to a Successful Application

This process can take around 3 months from our application deadline.

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    You submit an Expression of Interest Form, which is reviewed by our Grants Officers
  • null
    You’re invited to submit a full application for funding
  • null
    Your application is assessed. You may be contacted by our Grants Team for further information during this time
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    Your application is sent to one or more of our Donor Funds who will then decide if they would like to support your project
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    Our Grants Team let you know you’ve been successful. Time to celebrate and promote your grant!
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    You report on the outcomes of your grant. The information you provide supports your future applications and inspires other to give to local projects


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