15 facts over 15 years

30th November 2020

We’re delighted to announce we have awarded £15 million in grants since our establishment in 2005. The Foundation is proud to work with so many philanthropic local people to make a real and lasting difference across our communities.  

To mark this magnificent milestone, we are sharing 15 truths you may not know about us as an organisation!  

  1. We have awarded a total of 4,216 grants to support local charities and voluntary groups providing vital services to local people across the county. I have been able to see the inspirational difference our local voluntary sector makes in supporting our most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. This milestone shows the growing community of philanthropic individuals coming together to make difference across Surrey.” – Shahid Azeem DL, High Sheriff of Surrey and Community Foundation for Surrey Vice President
  2. Our vision is to build a strong movement of local philanthropists, connecting them with local charitable organisations – together to ensure that every individual in Surrey has hope. Find out more about our mission and values here.
  3. This financial year, we have already awarded over £3 million to the inspiring projects taking place within Surrey. Thank you to our incredible network of individual donors, families, businesses and charitable trusts that have come together to enable this. “It is extraordinary the extent to which you are managing to provide a lifeline to so many charities in Surrey. Any good cause that I visit, I ask if they have been in contact with the Community Foundation, the answer is invariably ‘oh yes they have been marvellous.’ I send my thanks and congratulations to you and your splendid team, for all you are achieving.”Michael More-Molyneux, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey, Community Foundation for Surrey Patron
  4. We are part of a network of Community Foundations across the UK – there are 46 in total. Community Foundations have been in existence for over 100 years. Now a global philanthropic movement operating in over 1,800 communities worldwide, they are the most identifiable form of structured community philanthropy. “It has been a truly momentous year for the Community Foundation for Surrey. Reaching the £15m milestone so quickly is testament to the huge impact it has had in supporting the local voluntary sector during the pandemic. This has been the case across the country as our network of community foundations has played a pivotal role in getting emergency funding to where it is most needed.”Rosemary Macdonald, Chief Executive, UK Community Foundations 
  5. This year we launched our ‘Together we can’  These three words articulate our unique role as a trusted partner, who brings together those within our county in a position to give and those driving local action. Watch our ‘Together we can’ video here.
  6. Local charities and voluntary groups can let us know their funding needs at any time. This can be easily done using our Expression of Interest Form. Our grants team will be pleased to advise you appropriately on our current funding opportunities and whether we can invite an application. So please do get in touch!
  7. Our home team consists of Trustees, Ambassadors, Vice Presidents, Advisors and staff – totalling 57 individuals who support the Foundation. We are so grateful to everyone that gives their time and expertise to drive our development. Meet our fantastic team here.
  8. Since launching our virtual events in July of this year, we have engaged 349 local people in our ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ Webinar Series, each addressing a prevalent, hidden local issue amongst our communities. These events have brought together local individuals, sector experts, and partners to find meaningful solutions to these issues. Find out more about our webinar series here.
  9. We have received 2 Royal Visits from HRH The Earl of Wessex KG GCVO. His Royal Highness met our staff, Trustees, our local donors, and also visited some of the inspiring local community groups which have received funding from the Foundation when visiting both in January 2011 and February 2017.
  10. The Foundation is committed to transparency and we work with 360Giving to publish information about all of our grants. If you would like to find out more about the wide range of projects we support, you can find our grants listed by financial year on our ‘Who we support’ webpage.
  11. We have a total of 83 Funds to support a wide range of local causes. Whether donors wish to set up their own personal funds, or give collectively to the many themed or area funds that address a vast range of needs, donors work with our team to satisfy their philanthropic motivations. We were looking for inspiration on how to be effective in our giving. The opportunities identified by the Community Foundation for Surrey enable us to support the causes we care most about, and ensure that our donations make a difference.” – Anonymous Donor, Community Foundation for Surrey
  12. Local people can give to our Surrey Community Fund which supports the most pressing and emerging needs across the county. Throughout the year, our Trustees allocate grants from this fund to impactful local charities. Donations of any amount are welcomed. To find out more about our giving options, please visit our webpage here.
  13. We have had 5 office locations across Surrey since our inception, providing us the opportunity to embed ourselves within the communities in which we support. Our team enjoys meeting people working in communities right across the county and building new relationships with local partners. We have been able to stay connected to all who we work with while remote working, and look forward to being able to see you in person before too long!
  14. The purple heart within our logo maintains the integrity of our brand across everything we do. It is representative of our unique role in making meaningful connections for local Donors, and the journey of our support, enabling them to channel their giving towards the causes which they are most passionate about. These resources are ‘pumped’ around each chamber of the heart in a continuous philanthropic cycle.
  15. You can stay up to date with our news and activities, grant-making and Coronavirus Response Fund by signing up for our communications here. You can also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook using the handle @CFSurrey.  

Since its establishment in 2005, the Foundation has been bringing together local donors with those providing positive solutions to the many challenges within our communities. This funding is often the motivation needed to transform an inspiring local initiative from a seed of an idea, into a reality. Click here to learn more!