Day 5. 10 Recollections

2nd August 2019

We’ve asked our Chief Executive, Laura Thurlow, to share 10 recollections of significant moments, on our journey to reaching our £10 million grant-making milestone.

  1. I can recall, relatively soon after I joined the Foundation, when we successfully reached a first significant milestone of £1 million as the total level of grants awarded across Surrey since the Foundation was established. We marked the occasion with a celebration during the summer of 2009, bringing together our Donors and supporters.
  2. The Foundation has enjoyed 2 Royal Visits – HRH The Earl of Wessex KG GCVO visited us both in January 2011 and February 2017. On both of these special visits, His Royal Highness met our staff, Trustees, our local donors, and also visited and met with some of the inspiring local community groups which have received funding from the Foundation.
  3. 3 Superb Chairmen – beginning with our Founding Chair, Professor Patrick Dowling, who was succeeded by our current Chair, David Frank, who steps down in September after serving his maximum term of 9 years as a Trustee. Most recently we announced our incoming Chair from September will be Jim Glover OBE (Former High Sherriff of Surrey) – All 3, along with a host of fantastic Trustees have led the development of the Foundation since 2005.
  4. We have successfully moved to 4 quarterly grant application rounds per year which has simplified the process for both our grant applicants and our donors. We received approximately 70 applications for our July deadline for our Grants team to assess, before sharing with our network of donors.
  5. We have recently revised our 5 Core Values, which outline the type of organisation we want to be – confident and bold, intelligent and thoughtful, a positive partner, responding to emerging needs and seizing opportunities:
    Ambitious   –   Professional   –   Supportive   –   Empowering   –   Pro-active

    You can find our values in full on the webpage here.

  6. Last year we awarded our largest ever grant of £60,000 to Walton Firs Activity Centre. This grant supported the construction of a High Ropes Course that will not only challenge young people, but will also help them build their self-confidence and develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills. We’re delighted to have been a part of this exciting new development at the site.
  7. We now have 7 Legacy and Memory Funds that provide valuable support for communities in Surrey. Legacy Funds ensure that a gift left in your will continues supporting the area or theme you are passionate about long into the future, with the assurance that our team will utilise the available funds to support the most impactful local causes. Memory Funds have been established by family and friends to commemorate a loved one, tailoring the fund themes, criteria and geography to best represent causes close to their heart.
  8. We have 8 borough and district funds that enable local people to come together and support needs specific to their communities through place-based giving. Donors give collectively to these funds and grants are awarded to a range of charitable groups that support the needs of that community. You can find out more about our Area Funds here.
  9. We have 9 Corporate Funds through which local businesses connect with their local area and directly benefit causes based on their company’s values. Most recently, we have partnered with SES Water to establish our newest Corporate Fund, which has just awarded its first round of grants to support projects in Surrey. The Fund is supporting young and vulnerable people, as well as projects positively impacting on the environment.
  10. And now we celebrate the milestone of awarding £10 million in grants across Surrey to support vital local initiatives meeting identified local needs. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the incredible donors that have worked with us to make this level of giving possible. We hope to inspire more philanthropists to join our growing family of donors – and are looking forward to celebrating the next £10 million!

HRH The Earl of Wessex KG GCVO visits All Saints Coffee Shop

The opening of Walton Firs Charity High Ropes Course

A recent celebration of the £10m milestone

To find out more about the £10 million we have awarded to support charities and community groups across the county, watch our video on YouTube HERE!