Day 6. £10 million breakdown

3rd August 2019

We’re incredibly proud to have awarded £10 million to support the charities and community groups doing incredible work to meet identified local needs across the county – but where has this money gone?

Within our grant-making, we aim to identify and understand where need exists in Surrey and provide money and other help to meet this need.

Our grants are allocated to 1 of our 6 impact themes listed below. Here you will see the total value of money that has been awarded to support each of these themes, as part of the £10 million awarded, and the overall percentage breakdown.

  1. Arts, Culture & Heritage – £485,090
  2. Community Cohesion – £1,634,741
  3. Education & Skills – £1,562,688
  4. Environment – £297,610
  5. Disadvantage & Exclusion – £2,053,856
  6. Health & Wellbeing – £4,145,211

% grants awarded by Impact Theme

To find out more about the £10 million we have awarded to support charities and community groups across the countywatch our video on YouTube HERE!