“I want change, not coins.”

19th October 2018

This was the phrase that has stuck with me following my visit to the Amber Foundation’s Art Alive event.

After being welcomed by a group of residents who showed me around the house which has offered, and continues to offer, shelter to so many vulnerable young people in and around Surrey, I was inspired by the creativity on display, and was struck by the thought-provoking stories the young people shared about their life experiences of being homeless through the different art mediums.

X’s performance was a moment of many that day which made me stop and reflect, and I invite you to do the same in listening to the following clip.


People sometimes ask me what it’s like working for the Community Foundation for Surrey and I always revert to describing visits like these which are the most rewarding part of my job – this is the fuel to my fire, my motivation in working hard to support groups like Amber, and individuals to apply for grants which can drive change in the local community.

Katie Owen
Grants Officer


We have awarded more than 10 grants to Amber, for a number of inspiring and creative projects in order to support the many homeless young people struggling to find employment and a safe place to live.

We are delighted to visit the projects that we have awarded funding to. In doing so, we gain greater understanding of how funding is having a positive impact on local people, and highlights to us where there is still a need for further support.

To learn more about the local groups that we support, please see our Who we Support page.