Local Charities Day 2018

14th December 2018

Today is all about local charities, and we’re delighted to share with you just some of the inspiring local groups and organisations that we support, and how their work is making an impact within the local community.

Local Charities Day builds on the work of the recently published Civil Society Strategy, where the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committed to enhancing relationships between businesses, charities and local areas to help communities grow.

In highlighting the importance of giving locally, people are encouraged to pledge their time to a local charity, as well as shining the spotlight on the local champions going the extra mile for their charity, the people and the causes they support.

Below are just some of the vital local organisations making a huge impact within Surrey.


Surrey SATRO, based in Guildford, develop and run programmes within schools which enhance young people’s understanding of business, science and technology. SATRO works with a wide range of young people within communities such as Special Educational Needs schools, sixth form colleges, short stay centres, as well as ex-offender and youth groups. The charity has worked with young people in Surrey for over 30 years, providing real-life experience of the working world.

“SATRO has benefited so much from the funding received from the Community Foundation for Surrey over many years. Everything that we do helps young people gain valuable insights and understanding of the world of work to help inspire them about their futures when they leave school and enthuse them about their education. With the help from The Community Foundation for Surrey we are able to encourage those struggling with education, inspire the middle cohort and challenge the academically gifted through our range of innovative and hands on programmes.

As an example, the Community Foundation for Surrey have funded laptops to enable us to teach robotics and coding to primary school students, funded a mobile classroom to enable us to teach BTEC qualifications to students in mainstream and special needs schools as a pathway to college and apprenticeships, and also, have supported our one-day science festival. A huge thank you from all of us at SATRO and the young people we work with who benefit so much for the funding we receive.”

Lucy Miguda, Fundraising Manager


The Meath Epilepsy Trust, based in Godalming, is a specialist provider caring for adults who face complex epilepsy coupled with other related disabilities. The Meath provides support to enable people with epilepsy to live life fully, in an environment as close to home as possible, with opportunities for the development of practical and creative skills, helping to build the recipients confidence and self-expression.

“The £500 donation that the Meath Epilepsy Charity received from the Community Foundation for Surrey has really gone a long way and has enabled us to implement an idea that we’ve had on our wish list, pending funding for some time. Thanks to the kind donation we have been able to purchase some re-usable bamboo cups for our busy social enterprise café at Changing Perceptions which until recently served take away coffee in disposable cardboard cups. Aside from the café, the other components of Changing Perceptions are a furniture up-cycling workshop and shop. As they use no VOC chalk paint and donations of unwanted wooden furniture which is kept out of landfill having been given a new lease of life, this social enterprise has a strong emphasis on sustainability. We are very pleased that finally our take away cups match our environmentally friendly ethos, and that they will be sold to regular customers to enjoy their coffee on the go with the Changing Perceptions logo proudly printed on the cup for all to see!”

Tania Cantoni, Head of Fundraising and Communications


The Hope Hub, based in Camberley, is dedicated to working to prevent and end homelessness in Surrey Heath and surrounding areas. The charity opened to clients in mid-May and are already working with 72 clients who have accessed their services pathway more than 700 times.

“We are so grateful for the grant from the Community Foundation for Surrey and other funders who are recognising the impact our work is having. We care passionately about those on the edges of society and are determined to help to make a positive difference. Please continue to stand with us.”

Mags Mercer, Chief Executive Officer

The Hope Hub were delighted that the Rt Hon Michael Gove MP had cause to be made aware of their work in his constituency recently and said:

“The Hope Hub is a brilliant charity and the team do heroic work. They are there for the most vulnerable in our society during their darkest times, providing support and advice to those who can be suffering from complex problems, ranging from mental health, debt, alcohol, substance dependencies and social isolation and needing accommodation.”


By highlighting the importance of giving to local charities, and encouraging people to pledge their time locally, together we can champion the inspiring and life-changing work that they do.

At the heart of the concept across all Community Foundations worldwide, is local giving for local need. We are proud to support these local charities, and today we celebrate all local groups and organisations working hard to tackle local needs and build stronger communities in which we live.

To find out how to give, please click here. If you are looking for a grant, please see our Apply for Funding Page.