Questions Questions

30th August 2018

“The Community Foundation’s Grants team are beavering away assessing grant applications ready for our Trustees to review them in early September. It is a fascinating process, we learn so much about our communities and about the inspiring projects going on around us. This week, I have read about activities for learning disabled adults, debt advice services, restorative justice and a great application written by a young person seeking funds from the #iWill fund to make a garden in their school, and prove that they can make a difference.

Of course, it is August, so it can also be a bit frustrating as everyone seems to be on holiday just when we want to talk to them! Some applicants wonder why we phone and worry that we will interrogate them and ask difficult questions! Well, we don’t mean to ask difficult questions, but it is easy for our applicants who know everything about their project and the needs they are trying to address, to forget to explain all the details. We can learn so much for a phone call – a person’s passion for their project really comes across and it breathes life into their application. Also, we just like to get to know about our applicants a little more.

So often I hear from our donors that it is the stories our applicants share which really inspire them and make the difference when they are deciding to support an application. So, don’t worry if you get a call from the grants team, we just want to hear your stories and strengthen the case for your application.”

Kate Peters, Director of Grants and Impact