The Power of Collective Giving

7th November 2018

Written by Joe Crome

In my previous blog post, I wrote about the range of options we offer people in Surrey who want to give back to their local community. This week I will expand further on our inspiring range of Collective Funds and the fantastic opportunities they provide to people wishing to support a particular cause or area.

Collective Funds enable donors in Surrey to come together to support a particular theme – by pooling donations together, these funds can achieve a common purpose with the combined resources of multiple donors, and this can include individuals, families, businesses and charitable trusts. What these donors all have in common is that they are passionate about supporting communities in Surrey. Unlike our Bespoke Funds, which provide donors with their own named fund and enables a personal giving experience. Collective Funds offer an exciting opportunity for donors to collaborate and target their funds at the issue or place they care most about.

At the Community Foundation for Surrey, our Collective Funds divide into Theme and Area.


Themed Funds

Our Themed Funds, which include funds for Mental Health, the Environment, Education, Isolation, Sports and the Arts, engage donors with the causes they care about most across the county.

Gifts of any size can be made to these Collective Funds, and donors can be assured that their money will be directed to local projects which are making a big impact within the particular theme. Our team handle all of the grant applications and due diligence related to the fund, and will bring the most impactful and inspiring projects to the Themed Fund Panel, who will ultimately make the decision on where the money is awarded. Often these panels are made up of donors and local people with an interest within that field, with support and assistance from the Community Foundation for Surrey team.


Featuring: Surrey Hills Trust Fund

The Surrey Hills Trust Fund was established in 2014 in partnership between the Surrey Hills AONB Board and the Community Foundation for Surrey. The aims of the fund are to preserve and enhance the Surrey Hills environment for all, with a range of projects and activities which improve conservation and encourage access from a range of individuals and groups.

The fund has benefited from donations from a number of different sources, including individuals, businesses, the Surrey Hills Society, land owners and Mayoral fundraising. These funds are invested into a long-term Endowment Fund, which will provide a sustainable source of income for the Surrey Hills for generations to come. To date, over £20,000 has been awarded to local projects which benefit the Surrey Hills.

This is a fantastic example of like-minded people coming together to combine their giving for a shared cause, and we look forward to seeing this important initiative continue to grow.

Click here to read more about the Surrey Hills Trust Fund.


Featuring: Surrey Mental Health Fund

Very recently we have launched the Surrey Mental Health Fund, which will support local projects which improve the well-being and resilience of young people and children aged 8-13. The fund aims to support innovative ideas and fulfil gaps within provision across the county, with a focus on early intervention and support for young people before their mental health needs reach crisis point.

To find out more about the fund, including a Match Funding opportunity available to double donations made into the fund before the 30th November 2018, please click here.

To find out more about our other Themed Funds, please click here.


Area Funds

We currently have 18 Area Funds – these focus on Surrey Boroughs and Districts, and towns and villages.

Our Area Funds allow people to ensure that their gift (or ongoing giving) is directed to the particular community that they identify with and care most about. Donations are pooled together, and grants are made to inspiring and vital local projects which change lives in the local area. Grants are awarded by the Area Fund Panel, which is made up of local residents who have supported the fund, and often includes business representation, local Councillors, and other interested local people, with support from the Community Foundation for Surrey.

All of our Area Funds include an Endowment Fund to support the local area both now and in the long-term, producing more revenue for grants each year and into the future.

Does your local community have an Area Fund? Click here for the full list.


Featuring: Guildford Philanthropy

Guildford Philanthropy was established in 2013 to turn ideas into successful social enterprises to tackle community needs across the Borough. The fund works in partnership with Guildford Borough Council, who match fund donations made to Guildford Philanthropy. Since establishing, the fund has supported a number of successful local initiatives, and have been particularly pleased to support the Guildford Bike Project, which refurbishes donated bikes, provides free skills, accredited training and work experience for local job seekers and young people. In the 6 years that the project has been running, over 400 people have benefited from the project with 106 achieving an accredited qualification and 58 having gone into work.

Grants made from Guildford Philanthropy are decided by the panel, which is made up of representatives from the Community Foundation for Surrey, Guildford Borough Council, local partners, business people and residents. To date, £51,000 has been awarded to local projects which are making a difference to the lives of people in Guildford. The fund continues to grow and seek new donors and partners.

See the Guildford Philanthropy fund page for more information.


Donors to both our Area and Themed Funds can be kept up to date on grants awarded to their local community in regular summaries and can even get involved in supporting the panel if they are so inclined. Our panels, supported by Community Foundation for Surrey staff and trustees who source applications for funding from groups serving the local community, use their local knowledge to award grants to local projects which they feel meet the needs of the area or theme. They also work together to help raise money for the fund from like-minded donors.

Are you interested in finding out more? Collective Funds are a powerful force for good in Surrey, and offer opportunities for a range of people, businesses and other organisations to support effective local projects. Please do see the Themed and Area Fund pages to find out more, or contact our Director of Philanthropy Joe Crome.