Carers in Guildford Supported by New Fund

18th May 2017

Carers in Guildford are being supported by a new fund

The Community Foundation for Surrey is pleased to announce a new fund that will provide support to carers within the borough of Guildford, thanks to a partnership with Carers Support (Guildford) and Guildford Borough Council.

Carers Support (Guildford) has provided support to carers living within the borough for the past 19 years. Sadly, the charity is closing following the granting of a significant contract it held to a Surrey-wide organisation. This has left the charity with some generous donations for use specifically for the well being of carers. The charity has donated £55,000 to Guildford Philanthropy in order to maintain on-going support to those who provide care to some of the borough’s most vulnerable residents. Guildford Philanthropy is a collaborative partnership set up in 2013 between Guildford Borough Council and the Community Foundation for Surrey.

Carers in Guildford supported by Guildford Borough Council

Guildford Borough Council has matched the donation at a rate of 50%, creating a ring-fenced fund of £82,500. The fund will offer small grants to provide relief to carers throughout the borough.

£5,000 is available immediately for grants to carers over the next year, with the remainder being transferred to the Guildford Philanthropy endowment fund. This will allow the Fund to continue supporting carers in perpetuity.

Cllr Paul Spooner, Council Leader said:

“We are delighted that we have been able to support Carers Support (Guildford) in its efforts to continue to provide support to carers. Although this change extends the aims of Guildford Philanthropy, we will maintain a strong focus on building the endowment fund to meet its original purpose. This change however provides another opportunity for Guildford Philanthropy to help support some of our most vulnerable residents. We believe that this collaborative approach between everyone involved provides the most effective way of supporting the borough’s carers. Guildford Borough Council’s 50% match-funding will be met from within existing budget provision.”

Continuing work

Kate Peters, Grants Manager of the Community Foundation for Surrey said:

“We are glad to see Guildford Philanthropy develop in this way. It is very sad when a charity needs to close but the Community Foundation for Surrey has been able to help Carers Support (Guildford) continue their work through a lasting legacy.”

David Perry, Chair of Trustees of Carers Support (Guildford), said:

“We looked carefully at our options to ensure that donations continued to be used for their original purpose. We are delighted that Guildford Philanthropy have agreed to widen its aims to allow support to the borough’s carers to continue, and to work with the Community Foundation for Surrey.”

How to Apply

Applications to the fund must be through an organisation that is providing support and can vouch for the need. Further details on the Fund’s criteria and how to apply for a grant can be found here.