New Funding Opportunity open for Applications

26th April 2024

Brightly coloured post it notes with simple figured drawn on them, one post it note reads "Support Employment" in neat handwriting.

The Surrey Supported Employment Fund is open for applications, offering grants to local organisations dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities or mental health challenges overcome employment barriers. With grants of up to £2,000 available, this fund aims to provide practical support and training to empower individuals on their journey to meaningful work.

The grants provided by the Surrey Supported Employment Fund will take the form of a fund pot, which will be used to award grants directly to individuals. Fund holders will have the opportunity to make small onward grants to their beneficiaries, assisting them in achieving their work aspirations. Additionally, these grants will cover the administrative costs of the host organisation in administering the grants to individuals.

If you are involved in supporting individuals with disabilities and/or mental ill-health, we invite you to explore the opportunity of becoming a funder-holder for the Surrey Supported Employment Fund. By becoming a fund holder, you can play a vital role in making a positive impact in the lives of those facing employment challenges.

To provide further support and guidance, we will be hosting two Q&A sessions to share more information about the fund and the process of becoming a fund holder. These sessions will also provide an opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have about the application process.

Join us for these informative sessions on:

  • Tuesday 14th May at 11am
  • Thursday 23rd May at 2pm

To secure your spot, please email and request the link to join the online sessions.

The deadline for applications is 9am on Monday 3rd June. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of a meaningful initiative that has the potential to transform lives and create a more inclusive community.

For more information and to learn how you can apply, click here. Let’s work together to break barriers and build brighter futures for all.

‘Happier Together’ with the Mental Health Scale-Up Fund

11th March 2024

a light pink background with cupped hands holding a drawn brain symbolising Mental Health Awareness

This UN International Day of happiness theme is ‘happier together’ so we are celebrating the amazing achievements of our Mental Health Scale-Up Fund which really demonstrates what a bunch of people can achieve together through the power of positive thinking.

In 2022 applications for our funding by groups supporting young people with mental health issues had increased by 260% on the previous year. There was a real crisis in the mental health of our county’s children.

We knew that over many years we had funded great organisations to do really positive work with measurable impacts on mental health and wellbeing in children and young people BUT we had only ever been able to give small grants, for short periods. This wasn’t good enough.

We set out to put a new fund in place to identify what was working and scale it up. Our aim was for every child and young person in Surrey to be able to access help and support. We committed to awarding 5-year funding, which would also support learning and sharing of best practice. We had no donors at this point – but failure wasn’t an option, because it was too important.

We were thrilled to raise £1m from a group of 4 brave donors who backed our idea, and Surrey County Council matched it – so far we have raised £2,046,962,29 and we have pledges in for another £0.5m this year.

We started our work by carrying out an extensive listening programme to identify priorities and published the report so that others can use it too. We have used it to prioritise what we fund.

We committed to running one funding round a year – to date we have awarded £763,666 in Grants. In addition to the funding, all our partner organisations can access our Funder Plus volunteers to help with business & financial planning and governance support as they grow their programmes in a sustainable way.

Finally, we all come together annually – donors, trustees of CFSurrey and our partner charities and community organisations, sitting around a table together to hear what is working – and what isn’t – so that we all learn together how best to tackle this huge and challenging problem.

Why haven’t we simply given all the funds away as fast as possible? Because it is too important to do that. We are trying to make a systemic change in our county – so that the support system for children and young people is universally available to all those who need help AND so that early intervention, preventative support is available to all – rather than waiting until our young people face mental health crisis.

We think deeply and carefully about how we award funds, using the results of our consultation to prioritise. We listen to our partner organisations about how we can support in a way that will continue to make a positive difference long after our first grant has finished funding. This fund is also designed to continue to give annually after the first 5 years so that it becomes a regular source of funding to improve the mental health of children and young people in our county in the future.

‘Since getting involved with CFSurrey, through the Mental Health Scale-Up Fund, you have taught me how to give well, so that it really makes an impact’ Founder Donor MHSU

We have funded the following:

Surrey Care Trust – in Nov 2022 we awarded a 5-year grant of £249,921 to support the Nurture through Nature programme utilising allotment and boat-based activities.

This work will particularly focus on providing support to:

  • Students (aged 14-16) struggling with poor mental health that leads to school avoidance;
  • Post-16 young people up to age 30 who are (who are at risk of becoming) NEET (not in education, employment or training);
  • Young carers;
  • Those engaged with Targeted Youth Support and in need of additional MH support;
  • Those with neurodiversity and disabilities that require further support needs.

This funding will support provision of nature-based activities, but crucially will allow SCT to properly structure their work into a programme of activities available in a wider geography to many more young people. Year 1 focuses on delivery in Reigate, subsequent years will roll-out activities to new sites in West Surrey. Target – additional 50 young people per annum supported. Total 2,500.

6 month report – Participant numbers exceeded; on average each participant made progress against 4-5 wellbeing measures. The biggest improvements from this course were made in beneficiaries’ friendships, relationship skills, and emotional wellbeing (feelings & behaviour), reflecting our focus on mental health and social skills/social confidence. Also 2 new sites identified – Woodland in Woking and animal therapy in Caterham – for development of activities in second year.

“We were all focussed on the same small part of the allotment doing the same job…

 [These] 3 lads struggle spending time closely with others (in different ways)

 so it was wonderful to see them all working

together as a team. When leaving Gateway

Mike & Joe left chatting.”

John Downing, Chief Executive, Surrey Care Trust said: “Everyone at Surrey Care Trust is delighted to receive the first award of the Community Foundation for Surrey’s Mental Health Scale Up Fund. This award will enable us to develop and expand our pioneering Nurture through Nature activities across Surrey and, most importantly, reach even more young people affected by poor mental health.  

BeMe – in Dec 2022 we awarded a 5-year grant of £263,746 to support work in schools with young people aged 11-15. The work involves activity and discussion-based courses designed to raise self-esteem & confidence, build resilience and lower anxiety. This funding supports the step-change required to scale up delivery into Leatherhead, Reigate, Epsom, Ashtead and Guildford. Will also support the charity to scale-up provision for boys from 1 in 5 courses  to 1 in 3 courses. Target 640 young people over 5 years, with split 66%/33% Girl/Boy by Year 5.

1-year Report – expanded course offering in Surrey from 39 courses in 2022 to 74 in 2023-  the target with scale-up funding was 61. The over-achievement was directly related to our confidence in the funding; without it we would not have been able to book courses with schools, who will always have more need for us to fill, if we have the funding and team in place. We worked with approx 350-370 beneficiaries. We invested in infrastructure costs of an office laptop and phone/contract, as well as training staff and setting up a better system of collecting impact data.

The Community Foundation is a delight to work with. Your guidance and advice in our original application led us to be much more focused in our plans for this year. This revised plan has meant we have delivered more than in full, and have a very clear execution plan for the future. Support from Funder Plus volunteers enabled us to develop a sound business plan, review our financial management and review our governance arrangements.

The visit from CF and funders to our office in June was greatly appreciated; again, your advice was helpful, and ensuring that we did a mid-year project check in against our objectives was invaluable.
The meeting in October at CF offices was also helpful, and has led us to a new project where we have been in dialogue with Surrey Care Trust and are about to pilot a visit for our beneficiaries from Reigate School to their Gateway project, as part of the final week of our courses. Needless to say, the Head at Reigate School is also delighted at this initiative.

Eikon in April 2023 we awarded a 5-year grant of £249,999 for development and roll-out of a preventative, early intervention support programme delivered in primary schools for children aged under 10 in order to help them build resilience and learn strategies to manage key relationships and issues in their lives.

Out of the 2,351 young people waiting for support in Surrey from the Surrey Wellbeing Partnership (13 partners) almost 50% are 10 and under.

Surrey schools are telling us that ever more young people of primary school age are struggling with poor mental health, reflecting the national increase. Our Secondary schools’ partners report that many of their young people who struggle had similar challenges during primary school.

This funding will support development of training programmes and materials for teachers and parents, which will be rolled out across Runnymede and Elmbridge in Year 1, extending to whole county by year 5. ‘Heads-Up’ Workshops will be delivered to support year 4, 5 & 6 pupils as a pilot programme to capture impact data. Head-Smart Ambassadors will be used to promote whole-school wellbeing and mental health across primary schools in the boroughs. Target 5,640 children benefit by end year 5.

1 Year report – March 2024 – good mapping of needs for primary-aged children, developing resources for teachers and parents programmes, pilot delivery of self-esteem and confidence workshops to year 4 and 5 children. Recruitment challenges delayed start – key issue across the sector.

We are extremely grateful for your support to this programme. Pam Holmes found the partner meeting very valuable to attend. Huge value always in facilitating the connections and discussions between organisations in the same space. We note appetite to do more partner wide events/ sharing and are keen to progress this a little bit later on this year when we have further progress on our delivery.

Mental Health Scale Up Fund makes five year grant award to Eikon to provide mental health & wellbeing support to Surrey primary schools

18th May 2023

The Community Foundation for Surrey is delighted to make our third grant award from our Mental Health Scale Up Fund to The Eikon Charity to provide early Mental Health and Wellbeing Support across Primary Schools in Surrey over the next 5 years.

As always, we wouldn’t be able to do this without the financial support from our community and we are forever grateful for all the donations we receive.


About the Project:

There are currently significant unmet needs for children 10 years of age and under. This new support in schools will help ensure children can understand challenges they face, learn how to positively approach key areas & relationships in their lives, and give a safe space to share when things are happening that worry them.

Primary Head Teachers have told us that there is less help available to their pupils than secondary age pupils. This fantastic longer term funding from the Community Foundation for Surrey will help begin to change this. This resilience building programme that prevents poor mental health in children will run in 8 primary schools in year 1 and will be substantially scaled up over the remaining four years. We ‘re really excited to recruit the member of staff and get cracking on it.

Chris Hickford, CEO of Eikon

_ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Read more about our Mental Health Scale Up Fund

Funder Plus Volunteer

2nd February 2023

Role description

Purpose of role
  • To help selected charitable organisations in Surrey to achieve their full potential by providing short-term coaching and practical support.
  • Funder Plus Volunteers will bring their experience and a desire to help, through listening to the key issues that need to be addressed, questioning to aid understanding, and introducing relevant information, signposting models or ways of thinking and practical steps to achieve the desired outcome.
Key elements of the role
  • To use skills and experience for the benefit of one or more local charitable organisation(s).

Examples may include the following:

  • Support with specific governance or financial accounting issues;
  • Assist the organisation to develop systems and processes;
  • Help solve a specific problem;
  • Temporarily fill a skills gap;
  • Develop a strategic, organisational, fundraising, communications plan(s);
  • Mentor a chief executive or a team leader;
  • To share experiences and learning with the team of Volunteers by attending Steering Group meetings or contributing to communities of practise where appropriate.

Person specification


Equally important will be how you engage with your charitable organisation and we are looking for candidates who can demonstrate:

  • Relevant expertise and experience;
  • Demonstrate good interpersonal and listening skills;
  • A coaching approach with clear and unambiguous communications
  • The ability to develop trust and empower others
  • An understanding of and empathy with the ethos of the charitable/ not for profit sector;
  • A common sense and flexible approach;
  • Willingness to undertake required training;
  • Computer literate, access to and use of email;
  • Ability to travel;
  • Able to prove a minimum of 2×10 hour assignments, delivered flexibly, over a 6-12 month period;
  • Having met with the prospective charity and agreed to proceed, commitment and energy will also be requisite.
The icing on the cake
  • Experience of working in the charitable/not for profit sector.
  • Experience of providing coaching support in the charitable/ not for profit sector.

Conflict of Interest

If your business or day job is to offer a paid service to small charities that Is in line with the skills we are looking for pro bono [volunteer] support with then we will need to ask you to commit to offering services on a volunteer only basis, and not to use the opportunity as an opportunity to ‘sell’ future services. We hope you understand that we do not want small charities in vulnerable positions to feel obligated to purchase any future services from you.


Download MORE about the role


To apply for the the role, please contact Application is by CV and covering email 

Mental Health Scale Up Fund makes five year grant award to Be Me Project

9th January 2023

The Community Foundation for Surrey is delighted to make our second grant award from our Mental Health Scale Up Fund to Be Me Project. The five-year award with enable Be Me Project to extend their reach and support hundreds of additional young people.


About the Be Me Project:

“Our mission is to support girls and women to celebrate that they are uniquely and wonderfully made for a purpose and to be equipped to build positive mental wellbeing and confidence in life.”

“The Be Me Project is a charity established in 2014 to enhance girl’s and women’s emotional health, well-being, self-esteem, and self-efficacy by inspiring them to explore their true identity, to cope with the world’s pressures, to understand that they are uniquely and wonderfully made and equip them for purpose and hope in life.
Be Me, and its courses, has been established and run by local women for girls and women who are either referred by a third party (i.e. their school) or self-referred. Many of the girls and women that Be Me work with battle with self-worth and make poor life choices, often following the pattern of behaviour of their parents, siblings or the community in which they live. The majority have low expectations of themselves and have little hope for the future. Be Me believes that by investing in these girls and women, they have a far better chance of breaking negative thought patterns and are able to build healthy self-esteem and a sense of purpose which lead to a more positive life.”

“The Be Me Project team is thrilled to have received the Community Foundation Mental Health Scale Up fund. This funding will enable us to consolidate our expansion plans, and confirm the projects that we are able to offer local schools in Dorking, Leatherhead, Reigate, Redhill and Epsom. As well as reaching at least 640 new beneficiaries over the five year period, it gives the team security in knowing that their invaluable work will continue, and continue to grow. In particular, it is a huge boost to all of the team, including new joiners, and we have lots of ideas on how to grow them through training in the new year.”

Lu Mason, CEO and founder, Be Me Project

Discover more at the Be Me Project web page.


Read more about our Mental Health Scale Up Fund

Surrey Strategic Transformation Programme awards grants to support resiliency in the local voluntary and community sector

20th December 2022

We are delighted to announce the award of a number of grants to support local voluntary and community organisations to become more resilient.

The funding from our Surrey Strategic Transformation Programme will help organisations to plan and adapt to change and be better equipped to survive and thrive through challenges and opportunities that may arise.


Grants have been awarded to the following organisations (click one each organisation to visit their website):

  • Merstham Community Facility Trust – Funding for a professional Fundraiser to broaden the income streams and volumes of funding for a community hub, working in partnership with multiple organisations.

“This grant has enabled us to access fundraising expertise and capacity which we don’t currently possess. We’ve already identified opportunities for improving and expanding our income streams and our own capabilities in terms of seeking funds. We are currently developing a fundraising strategy and the necessary tools and resources for us to progress this. Recovering from the impact of Covid on our financial viability and resilience has proved very challenging. This funding is a key part of our return to ‘business as usual’ and having confidence in our long-term viability.”

Chris Spragg, Trustee, Merstham Community Facility Trust


  • Intergenerational Music Making – Funding for a feasibility study, community research and project delivery piece to understand current need for the charity and to plan for the future and increase opportunities available.

“This is truly wonderful news and a massive thank you to the donors whom were able to make this happen and support our vital community intergenerational work – research and training.  We are all over the moon and THANK YOU.”


  • The Orpheus Centre Trust – Funding for a feasibility study to asses the capacity to undertake a large scale capital funding project to meet the growing demand of service.

“We are very grateful for this grant which will enable us to move forward with a feasibility study for our capital build project. We have grown enormously in recent years and have strong ambitions to develop our site. Our plans include a large scale project to provide better learning experiences for the young disabled students who come here.

Demand for places at our college has significantly increased and we have insufficient space to expand in the current building. We want to be able to welcome more students and help them to learn essential independence and life skills for their future. This funding takes us another step towards achieving those aims and realising our ambitions .”

Lisa Whitbread, Communications and Engagement Manager, Orpheus Centre Trust


’We are so grateful for this grant for a CRM for The Lighthouse. It means we’ll be able to communicate more effectively, keep track of everyone from funders and donors, to referrers, volunteers and guests, and it will ensure that our database is kept confidential. We have grown to such a point that this is an essential part of the next stage in our development. Many thanks for your support!”

Lucy Greenland, The Lighthouse Trust Limited


  • Farncombe Day Centre – Grant for new domestic laundry equipment to replace equipment that is no longer fit for purpose at a centre providing support for older people.
  • Farncombe Community Garden – Funding for a fully accessible disabled composting toilet in a community garden project in an area of disadvantage.
  • Stripey Stork – Grant towards the expansion of services to make them accessible to every family across Surrey that needs them.


Read more about the Surrey Strategic Transformation Programme including how to apply for a grant.

Community Foundation for Surrey awards £383,376 to improve the wellbeing of people in Surrey

16th November 2022

We have just completed our most recent round of funding – addressing our Wellbeing theme.
It has been an extraordinary round. We received 119 applications requesting a total value of £774,000, the most for a single round of donor fund applications we have ever seen, reflecting the level of need in the community.
We are delighted to announce that our donor funds have awarded £383,376 to 64 groups.

Funded through the generous contribution of our donor funds, the Foundation’s Wellbeing theme supports:

  • Mental ill-health – supporting people to cope with and manage mental health issues and enable early intervention.
  • Addiction – Support people with drug, alcohol, and substance abuse-related issues.
  • Caring responsibilities – supporting people caring for others.
  • Reducing loneliness – provide older people with opportunities to access and participate in their local community to prevent isolation.
  • Supporting recovery – supporting therapy, advice, counselling, and practical help to aid recovery and improve lives.
  • Supporting families and parenting.
  • Addressing physical ill-health and disability.
  • Active lifestyles – promoting the benefits of healthy living and eating. Helping to counter obesity, preventable diseases, and mental ill-health.
  • Domestic abuse – supporting people experiencing domestic abuse by providing advice, practical help and/or temporary accommodation.

Not surprisingly in a round focused on Wellbeing, Mental health and isolation and loneliness featured as key issues and there was a broad spread of beneficiaries supported by the grants.


Sadly 29 projects we assessed and considered to be good were unfunded.

Other funding news

During this period, we have also been working on applications to our Strategic Transformation Programme. This programme is rolling, and we respond to applications as they are received. To date four projects have been funded with £35k.

Our Winter Poverty Fund has also awarded £37,725

We are already working on our latest batch of applications to our Equity and Inclusion round. We have received a more manageable 68 applications and look forward to sharing suitable applications with our donors.

Feedback from grant recipients for the Wellbeing round

We have received some fantastic feedback from our grant recipients. Here are a few of their comments (click on the organisation name to visit their website):

Be Me Project

– Be Me Project helps build positive mental wellbeing and confidence in life. They deliver their mental wellbeing sessions in a number of secondary schools, but we also offer the courses to ladies within the community, receive referrals from GP surgeries and work in hostels in Surrey and Brighton.

“Be Me encouraged me to come to school, because I struggled – and now I come in because of Be Me”.

A 14 year student with low school attendance because of  anxiety


Camberley and District Men’s Shed

– Men’s sheds are community spaces for men to connect, converse and create. The activities are often similar to those of garden sheds, but for groups of men to enjoy together. They help reduce loneliness and isolation, but most importantly, they’re fun.

“The treasurer of the upcoming Camberley & District Men’s Shed, Paul Cronin, was delighted to receive £4,000 from the Community Foundation for Surrey. They have also been granted the pictured cricket pavilion by Surrey Heath Borough Council as the home for their Shed which has been unoccupied for 10 years, so needs a lot of work to make it suitable for occupation. The money from CFS will greatly contribute to the cost of works needed so they can open and make a difference to the people in their community who are looking for companionship and an improved sense of purpose.”

Paul Cronin, Trustee & Treasurer, Camberley and District Men’s Shed



– Challengers is a charity that gives disabled children and young people the opportunity to play, have fun, and make friends in a safe and supportive environment.

“We are incredibly grateful to Green Shoots Fund and Community Foundation for Surrey for a generous grant to help cover salaries of our Internal Trainers. Many of our young, disabled beneficiaries have special needs and our Trainers are essential in training our Play and Youthworkers, so that everyone can have fun safely.”

Joanna McCaffrey, Trust Fundraising Officer, Challengers



– Cook4care is a local community charity of volunteer cooks and drivers, who support young carers and their families by providing nutritious home cooked meals.

“The funding that Cook4care has received is essential in helping us to cook for our young carers in Surrey and their families. By freeing up time to enjoy with friends, family and on schoolwork, we have a positive impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of our young carers.“

Davina Davie and Maria Corry – founder trustees, Cook4care.


Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity

– We help children under 5 with cerebral palsyand other motor learning impairments make the best possible start in life – and give families the support and skills to continue their development at home.

“Conductive Education (CE) is learning for life.  Purposeful, enabling, and dynamic for children with neurological movement disorders. Seeking to harness potential and improve functional ability and life skills. The benefit of CE is that children learn how to be independent.  Sessions allow a child to develop routines and engage in education and hobbies.”

Glenys Creese, Executive Manager, Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity


Jigsaw (South East)

– Information, advice and guidance to help support bereaved children and young people and those facing the death of a loved one; supporting families across Surrey, parts of West Sussex, Kent and surrounding areas.

“We are thrilled to have received a generous £5,000 grant from Charles Russell Speechlys Community Fund through the Community Foundation for Surrey. This support will help us to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of bereaved children and young people living in Surrey, thank you.”

Janice Hoad, Grants Manager, Jigsaw (South East)



– LinkAble is a charity that supports children and adults with learning disabilities in Woking and Surrey Heath, offering people activities and experiences they may struggle to access, supporting them to learn new skills, form lasting friendships and lead fulfilling, independent lives.

“We have repeatedly seen that with the right support, adults with learning disabilities can live more independent lives with meaning and opportunity.

The ongoing support received from Community Fund Surrey will ensure the delivery of Lifeskills Plus, a LinkAble programme providing adults with learning disabilities opportunities to develop essential independent living skills”.

Jamie Evans, Head of Services, LinkAble


Oasis Childcare Centre

Oasis provides vital support to vulnerable families and children in Elmbridge and the surrounding areas.  

“We are absolutely thrilled to have received a grant  towards the provision of our Freedom Programme for survivors of domestic abuse and our Adult Emotional Wellbeing Programme. These two courses are vital to our clients’ recovery in the aftermath of abuse, providing the foundation of support and friendship, independence and resilience, to rebuild their lives.”

Caroline Edwards, Founder & Director of Services, Oasis Childcare Centre


Sight for Surrey

– Sight for Surrey is an ambitious charity offering a lifetime of support for people who are blind or partially sighted, Deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing.

“The Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) service we provide in hospitals across Surrey is entirely funded by Sight for Surrey from voluntary donations so this grant from Community Foundation for Surrey, Carrington Family Trust Grants Fund, is vitally important. Our ECLO’s provide much needed information, advice and emotional support to anyone diagnosed with a vision impairment, signposting and referring them to services that can help them continue to live their life as independently as possible.”

Justine Jasper, Lead Eye Clinic Liaison Officer, Sight for Surrey


Viewpoint Centre

– Viewpoint Centre CIO is a registered charity that has been fully endorsed to run courses in Surrey developed by TheHorseCourse. TheHorseCourse is a registered charity founded by Harriet Laurie in Dorset in 2011 as an equine assisted behavioural change programme . Originally, delivered in prisons but now in the wider community throughout the UK. Its charitable purpose is to reduce social exclusion through horse-assisted interventions. 

“The pandemic has heightened existing challenges and disadvantages and created new challenges and risks to deal with for highly vulnerable young people. We have seen a rise in referrals as a results of pandemic-related isolation, increased social and health anxiety, pressure on family relationships, increased exposure to harm, household poverty and living conditions, reduced access to education and activities, risks to physical wellbeing and lack of hope/concern for the future. This funding will help us deliver our fundamental role supporting young people and their families to rebuild and restart.”

Katie Dockery, Founder, Viewpoint Centre


Wishing Well Music for Health

– Wishing Well Music for Health provides live interactive Music for Wellbeing in healthcare settings. They work in partnership with NHS trusts across Sussex and Surrey, bringing live music interactions into hospitals and hospices – working closely with healthcare staff to make sure that our approach is right for each individual person.

This new grant enables us to bring the joy of music making right to the bedsides of older patients at East Surrey Hospital. We’ll be singing songs and making music together, creating a space for older people to share their life stories, memories and talents. We can’t wait to get started!”

Jo White, Founder and CEO, Wishing Well Music for Health


For more information, please contact our Grants Team at email:

Community Foundation for Surrey awards £482,160 to help young people

11th August 2022

The Community Foundation for Surrey is delighted to announce the awarding of 59 grants, totalling £482,160 to voluntary and community organisations in Surrey.


Funded through the generous contribution of our donor funds, the Foundation’s Young People theme helps to combat issues impacting young people, including:

  • Coping with and managing mental health issues.
  • Obtaining qualifications and developing life skills that will improve their chances of gaining employment.
  • Widening horizons – giving children and young people in disadvantaged communities access to opportunity.
  • Supporting young people caring for others.
  • Mentoring and coaching.
  • Enabling young people to access sports, arts and the environment.

There was a wide spread of issues supported through the funding round, but the two dominant themes were Mental health and wellbeing, and Education, skills and employability which accounted for more than half the awards. Mental health alone made up a third of the awards.

We are very excited that one of our donor funds has awarded four, three-year grants for salary costs, thereby providing stability to the charities supported. One of the recipients said:

“A 3 year funding offer is absolutely brilliant and is a massive weight off our trustee-shoulders, knowing that we have security for our ongoing work with our young people. It also enables more strategic, longer-term planning and will encourage other investments of support. Just wonderful all-round.” (Claygate Youth and Community Hub)

Feedback from grant recipients

We have received some fantastic feedback from our grant recipients. Here are a few of their comments:

Your Sanctuary

– Surrey based charity supporting survivors of domestic abuse.

 “This generous grant from the Community Foundation will help us to continue our vital work supporting children who are living in our refuges for families fleeing domestic abuse. Our specialist support workers provide a safe place for children to talk, play and heal from their experiences. Thank you.”

Fiamma Pather, Chief Executive Officer, Your Sanctuary

Buddy Up

 – A mentoring charity for young people to develop skills so that they can thrive in education, relationships and beyond.

“Buddy Up are incredibly grateful for the grant from The Community Foundation for Surrey. This funding means we can continue to provide our much needed mentoring service to the most vulnerable young people in Surrey.”

Andy Reid CEO and Founder Buddy Up

Horsley, Bookham & Leatherhead Riding for the Disabled Association

 – A local charity providing therapeutic riding sessions for children and adults with disabilities.

“Horsley, Bookham & Leatherhead RDA are delighted to receive Community Foundation for Surrey’s grant towards the purchase of our next horse. This ensures that we can cater for more local children/young adults who want to ride with us and have therapeutic sessions with our horses and ponies each week.”

Joanna Marsh, Trustee, Fundraising, Horsley, Bookham & Leatherhead RDA

Breck Foundation

– Campaigns for a safer internet for all children and young people – whether they are gaming, communicating on social media, using apps or taking part in any other internet-based activity.

“Breck Foundation is extremely grateful for the support of Community Foundation for Surrey, with it we can deliver our powerful and potentially lifesaving ‘Online Safety’ sessions in schools all over Surrey; Breck’s Mother believes that had her son seen our ‘Online Safety’ session, he would still be alive today“.

Michael Buraimoh, CEO, Breck Foundation

Head2Head Sensory Theatre

– Charity dedicated to the Special Needs’ and Disability Community. We are passionate about making theatre accessible to all and understand that families who have a child with a disability face many barriers.

“We are thrilled to have the support from Community Foundation for Surrey. Many people with disabilities struggle to find a way into the world of performing arts and we want to open these doors to them.  Our workshops will give them the confidence, experience and courage to look positively into a future working in theatre.”

Anni Rhodes-Steere, Founder Head2Head Sensory Theatre

Claygate Youth & Community Hub

– Claygate Youth & Community Hub is a registered charity which took over from Claygate Village Youth Association earlier this year.  The main objects of both charities is to provide quality youth activities and youth work to Claygate and surrounding areas.

“A 3 year funding offer to support salaries is a massive weight off our trustee-shoulders. We now know that we have security for our ongoing work with our young people.  It also enables more strategic, longer-term planning and will encourage other investments of support.  Just wonderful all-round.”

Susannah Moffat, Trustee, Claygate Youth & Community Hub

YMCA East Surrey

– YMCA East Surrey helps people to believe in themselves, support them to achieve their goals and inspire them to be the best they can be by providing services that focus on those who are vulnerable, have a disability or face disadvantage.

“You can sing, play the instruments or do some music tech and created songs on the computers. It is also a good place to meet nice people and music lovers who might be going through the same things as you. If I didn’t have this I would probably never go outside!”

Rhys, young person attending Beatz Music Project

Surrey Care Trust

– Surrey Care Trust provides learning, training and mentoring to support young people and adults in improving their chances in life.

“Thank you! Thanks to this generous grant, STEPS will be able to continue to help Surrey’s most vulnerable young people to gain the qualifications they need to go on to college or an apprenticeship and develop the personal skills to thrive in life”

Richard Tweddle, STEPS Centre Manager, Surrey Care Trust


– The charity’s aim is to transform the lives and futures of adults managing their mental ill-health and help them secure the skills, confidence and training needed to return to the workplace.

“We are most grateful to the Trustees of the Netherby Trust Fund for their support of Oakleaf’s services for local young adults experiencing mental ill-health. Their grant will enable us to provide much-needed, expert support for people coping with the ongoing impact of the pandemic, for the coming three years”.

Clive Stone, Chief Executive, Oakleaf


– LinkAble is based in Surrey and helps  children and adults with learning disabilities in Woking and Surrey Heath. The charity offers people activities and experiences that they struggle to access in the wider community, supporting them to learn new skills, form lasting friendships and lead fulfilling, independent lives.

“As a charity supporting local people with learning disabilities, LinkAble is extremely grateful for the continued support of CFS with their latest donation towards our vital work”.

Rhys Parker, Fundraising Manager, LinkAble


For more information, please contact our Grants Team at email:

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5th August 2020






Shahid Azeem DL – High Sheriff of Surrey

Dele Ryder – Partnership and Business Development Manager, A2 Dominion

Michelle Blunsom MBE – Chief Executive, East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services

Jonathan Lees – Founder, Epsom and Ewell Foodbank

Nicola Dawes – Founder, Stripey Stork

Nick Brooks – Chair, Surrey Young People’s Fund

Professor Max Lu – Vice-Chancellor, University of Surrey

Craig Duncan – Service user, The Amber Foundation

Joy Wright – Founder, Emerge Advocacy

Seven Hills – Script

James Llewelyn – Cameraman

Goodwork PR Agency – Editing

Community Foundation for Surrey Donors, Trustees and staff