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19th May 2022

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Leaving a gift in your will to the Community Foundation for Surrey

Many of our donors and supporters are committed to supporting voluntary organisations in Surrey during their lifetime and they don’t want that commitment to end when they pass away. Leaving a legacy in your will to the Community Foundation for Surrey is the ideal way to ensure that the charities and causes you care about continue to be supported when you are no longer here.

The Dora Fedoruk Memorial Fund is one of our Legacy Funds that we have the honour of administering and provides a legacy in memory of someone to whom Surrey was once home. You can read more here.

We understand that when writing your will there is a lot to consider and making the decision to leave a proportion of your estate to charity is a big one. Our Director of Development has 20 years’ experience in helping donors to pledge a legacy and is able to provide support and guidance.

For a confidential discussion about leaving a Legacy gift in your will, please email us at

Read more about Legacy & Memory Funds here