Community Foundation for Surrey awards £318,389 in grants to improve people’s lives in Surrey

14th February 2023

We have just completed our most recent round of funding addressing a wide range of issues across our county.

We are delighted to announce that our Donor Funds have awarded £318,389 to 48 organisations. The average grant size was £7,600 and we were pleased that many donors were able to collaborate, meaning that more projects were fully funded.

The round was focused on Equity and Inclusion and there was a wide range of applications reflecting the aspects of this theme.

Funded through the generous contribution of our donor funds, the Foundation is supporting charities, community interest groups and other organisations to help combat:

  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Mental ill health
  • Poverty and disadvantage
  • Homelessness
  • Domestic abuse
  • Food poverty
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Debt
  • Crime
  • Violence, exploitation and gangs
  • Housing challenges

As part of the same funding round, we are providing grants to support many early intervention projects, including: learning and skills development, physical health improvement, wellbeing, recreation (leisure activities), early years learning, accessibility, improving mental health, life skills and aspirations, as well as core funding.


Feedback from successful applicants

Here’s some of the feedback we have received from some of our successful applicants:


“Welcare is a charity working with parents and children up to the age of 13 in South London and East Surrey.” Welcare website

“Thanks to a generous contribution from the Community Foundation for Surrey we are thrilled to continue our Playworker support for babies, children and families from minority communities. In the Redhill area over 41 different languages are spoken and Welcare is here to help them and their children to thrive.”

Anna Khan, CEO, Welcare


Streetlight UK

“Streetlight UK is a frontline specialist support service, specifically focused on providing women with tangible and material pathways out of a lifestyle of prostitution and violence and have developed its specialism and understanding of women involved in prostitution across London, Surrey and Sussex since 2012.” Streetlight UK website

“The Surrey Community Foundation grant of £5,000 is a tremendous boost to our team in supporting women across Surrey. Such partnerships are vital in enabling our staff and volunteers to deliver our specialist service at Breakfast Clubs, Police operations, 1-2-1 direct support and online to 100’s of women each year. Thank you so much.”

Helena Croft, CEO, Streetlight UK



“As we get older, our social circles diminish, and we find ourselves with fewer and fewer people to turn to. Imagine realising one day that all your friends and family have gone from your life. Loneliness can be cruel, and it affects millions of people over 75 who live in social isolation. Re-engage is making life less lonely for thousands of older people every year. Older people tell us that our volunteer-led activities make them happier and more able to trust others.” Re-engage website

“This donation from the Community Foundation for Surrey will allow us to continue to provide local solutions to help those aged 75 and over who may be lonely or isolated.  Around seven in ten older people say they feel less lonely as a result of being part of Re-engage and this funding will help ensure we maintain this vital support.”

Kitty Blackwell, Director of Fundraising and Communications at Re-engage



How to apply to the Community Foundation for Surrey for a grant