Complaints Procedure

This policy sets out a procedure for dealing with any complaint or grievance raised against the Foundation or its representatives by staff, trustees, other volunteers or third parties.

In the first instance, complaints can be verbal and informal.

If any member of staff receives a complaint, including a complaint which is received verbally or informally which may or may not be resolved verbally during the conversation, this should be reported to the staff member’s Line Manager. The opportunity should also be offered to the complainant that they may speak with the individual’s Line Manager, if they wish.

The individual’s Line Manager shall support the staff member in handling the complaint, including considering whether further action is required. If appropriate, this may involve the Line Manager contacting the complainant to discuss the issue. If not resolved, a formal complaint should then be made.

Any individual wishing to make a formal complaint should ensure that it is made in writing and addressed to the Executive Director. If written and addressed to another party (except the Chair), the complaint should be forwarded to the Executive Director immediately upon receipt.

The letter will be acknowledged by the Executive Director, normally within 5 working days of receiving it.

The Executive Director will investigate the circumstances outlined in the complaint, and will reach a decision regarding it.  A response will be sent to the complainant within 28 working days of first receiving the letter of complaint.

If the complainant feels unable to address their complaint to the Executive Director or is not satisfied with the response and decision, they may write to the Chair of the Foundation.

The Chair will acknowledge receipt of the letter and an investigation into the complaint will be carried out by the Chair or another trustee acting on their behalf.

The Chair will produce a decision, which is final, and notify the complainant of their conclusions by letter, together with a clear explanation of the reasons for reaching them.

All formal complaints received, together with a copy of the response to the complainant, will be notified to the Trustees at the next Board meeting.