People with disabilities

8th June 2020

We have to date awarded £181,450 to support people with disabilities from our Coronavirus Response Funding.

Charities who help people with disabilities have had considerable challenges in adapting their services to meet the complex, unique needs of their service users during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many people with disabilities have been told that they are highly vulnerable to Coronavirus and must self-isolate. This means they cannot visit the support group or charity that has helped them prior to the pandemic.

Charities who support people with additional needs know that to cease contact and outreach to their clients would create crisis, illness and family breakdown.

What we are hearing:

The Rainbow Trustprovides vital support to families who are caring for a terminally ill child, through a trained Family Support Worker:

“The families we support are already facing the unimaginable thought that their child might die before them. They now find themselves isolated due to the high risk of infection.”

“We will continue to provide support to 125 families, providing practical support such as helping to get  groceries and medications for families whilst they are in isolation, and proving emotional support to parents either via the phone, or online to help them to cope with this horrendous situation and the fear and uncertainty that their child might worsen as a result of the virus.”

White Lodge Centre in Chertsey told us how they needed to adapt their services in order to meet the needs of their clients:

“Clients have specific home exercise programmes and in the weeks leading up to us being closed, we gave extra advice and videoed some of the sessions on their phones so that they could follow them. We have lent out resistance bands and weights so they can exercise independently. We have placed 6 special bikes and standing frames in people’s homes to continue their programmes.

“We will be running an advice service for people with long term neurological physical conditions (e.g. Parkinsons, MS, strokes). This will consist of one of our Lead Specialist Physiotherapists working from home remotely…She will offer telephone advice to keep in contact with our clients to keep them motivated and sticking to their exercise plan, managing anxiety levels…and also video consultations to carers/families and individuals.” 

The Sunnybank Trust in Epsom said:

“We want to ensure no one with learning disabilities is left isolated during the Covid-19 crisis.

Our action plan includes a twice weekly radio station for people with learning disabilities, weekly activity packs to all those we support, weekly phone calls from our volunteers – both to care homes and individuals, continued advocacy support via phone to those who need it, regular Zoom coffee and chat/activity groups, weekly drama group via Zoom and using our social media to link the activities”.

The Meath Epilepsy Charity has told us many of their clients “have learning disabilities (from mild to severe) and 40% have Autism and will have difficulty in understanding what is happening and why. We do not want to upset or distress our residents in any way but we want to keep them safe, stimulated and distracted from all the change going on around them…keep[ing] their mobility and cognitive abilities as agile as possible.”

Below are the grants we have awarded locally to support people with disabilities.

CharityProject DescriptionAmount Awarded
Active Prospects
Funding for equipment and activities to support the physical and mental wellbeing of people with learning disabilities, autism or acquired brain injury
Active Prospects
Equipment, IT licences and activity packs to address isolation for people with learning disabilities, autism or mental health issues and sensory resources to address emotional ill-health£5,000
Bloomin' Arts
Funding toward the essential running costs of a charity, based in East Surrey, that supports adults with learning difficulties, during the COVID-19 pandemic£5,000
Caleidoscope CIC
Funding to provide support online and by phone for children with SEN, autism and co-morbid conditions during the Coronavirus pandemic
IT costs for a charity supporting disabled children and young people during the Coronavirus pandemic
Cherry Trees
Funding towards the essential running costs of a children's charity offering respite care to the parents of children with severe and complex needs, during the COVID-19 pandemic
Dame Vera Lynn Children's CharityFunding towards the essential running costs, IT costs and education technology for an organisation, based in West Sussex, that supports families with children aged 5 and under, that have cerebral palsy, during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Disability Arts in Surrey
Funding toward project costs for an organisation, that allow disabled people to get into the arts, to enable them to offer an online support package to their community, during the Covid-19 pandemic
Disability Initiative
Funding toward delivering an outreach approach by an organisation that works with people that have severe disabilities, during the COVID-19 pandemic£5,000
Dramatize Theatre Company
Funding toward salary costs that will allow a drama charity, based in Sunbury-on-Thames, to produce online content for adults with learning disabilities, during the COVID-19 pandemic£5,000
Dyscover Limited
Funding toward online classes for people who have survived strokes, led by a Speech and Language Therapist by a charity based in Cranleigh, during the COVID-19 pandemic£5,000
Freewheelers Theatre and Media LtdFunding toward the designing and developing of free online courses for individuals and groups of people within the Mole Valley and Elmbridge area, during the COVID-19 pandemic£5,000
Halow Project
Funding toward the purchase of equipment for an organisation, based in Guildford, that offers counselling and learning activities to those with learning disabilities, during the COVID-19 pandemic£5,000
Headway Surrey
Providing hardware/software and internet access to people with brain-injuries during the Covid-19 outbreak
LinkAble Woking Ltd
To fund support of children and adults with learning disabilities during the Covid-19 crisis
Mustard Seed Autism Trust
Funding for a charity supporting children with autism during the Coronavirus pandemic
Parity For Disability
Staff costs towards a charity supporting profoundly disabled adults during the Coronavirus pandemic
Peer Productions
Funding toward online classes to teach young females with learning disabilities about online safety, by an organisation that puts on meaningful productions in schools across Surrey, during the COVID-19 pandemic£4,770
Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People (QEF)Funding towards the additional costs incurred by acquiring PPE for those providing care for adults and children with disabilities during the Coronavirus pandemic
Rainbow Trust Children's Charity
Salary costs for 3 months for a Family Support Worker, supporting families with terminally-ill children during the Covid-19 crisis
Samson Centre for Multiple Sclerosis
Online physiotherapy for sufferers of MS, during the Coronavirus pandemic
Sight for Surrey
IT and phones costs to support people with sight and hearing loss, during the Coronavirus pandemic
Stopgap Dance Company Ltd
Funding toward the salary of 4 free lance dance teachers, for an organisation, based in Waverley that brings together children with physical disabilities and helps them to learn to dance, during the COVID-19 pandemic
Surrey Choices Employability
Funding for IT equipment to help tackle isolation for people with learning disabilities amid the Coronavirus pandemic
Surrey Coalition of Disabled People
Purchase of 50 tablets for disabled isolated people to access community services and support during the Covid-19 pandemic£5,000
Synergy Dance Outreach
Funding to create remote dance and yoga sessions for Visually Impaired people during the Coronavirus pandemic
Funding to provide a remote support service, including activity packs and telephone support to people who have been affected by a stroke and have aphasia, during the Coronavirus pandemic
The Artventure Trust Ltd
A contribution to the salary costs of a charity offering arts-based activities for isolated disabled people during the Coronavirus pandemic
The Children's Trust
Funding for PPE and cleaning costs at charity centre caring for vulnerable children during the Coronavirus pandemic
The Grange Centre for People with Disabilities
Funding toward the purchase of equipment for staff to be able to work from home for a charity that supports those with disabilities, during the COVID-19 pandemic£3,999
The Include Project
Funding to deliver the choir and advice services online for people with learning disabilities, autism, dementia and brain injury, stroke or tumour, in Reigate and Banstead, during the Coronavirus pandemic
The Meath Epilepsy Trust
Funding toward the purchase of separate changing facilities for staff, for a residential care home, based in Godalming, that supports people with severe epilepsy, during the Covid-19 pandemic£5,000
The Meath Epilepsy TrustFunding toward the purchase of equipment to keep residents' mobility and cognitive conditioning up, whilst being able to entertain their residents, for a charity that works with people who have complex epilepsy and severe physical and learning difficulties, during the COVID-19 pandemic£5,000
The Orpheus Centre Trust
Core cost support for centre supporting young disabled adults during the Covid-19 crisis£5,000
The Sunnybank Trust
Funding toward activity packs and a radio show for an organisation, based in North East Surrey, that supports adults with learning disabilities, during the COVID-19 pandemic£3,628
Waverley Hoppa Community TransportFunding for 3 months of PPE for a transport charity supporting elderly, disabled and/or vulnerable people during the COVID19 pandemic£5,000
White Lodge Centre
Funding toward a remote physiotherapy service for individuals who suffer with long-term neurological and physical conditions, during the COVID-19 pandemic£5,000
Woking Strokeability
Funding toward online exercise classes, by an organisation, based in Woking, that helps rehabilitate people that have suffered from strokes, during the COVID-19 pandemic
YMCA East Surrey
Funding to produce and deliver specialised online exercise programmes for people with long term health conditions or disabilities isolating during the Coronavirus pandemic£5,000
Young Epilepsy
Funding for 10 laptops to enable staff to work with young people and their families remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic


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