Guildford Philanthropy

26th April 2016


Guildford Philanthropy’s aim is to help reduce social inequality across our Borough and ensure nobody is left behind.

Guildford Philanthropy was launched in 2014 by Guildford Borough Council and the Community Foundation of Surrey to inspire local philanthropy and create a permanent source of capital to support and benefit the local community. Helping disadvantaged and vulnerable people develop their work skills and confidence.

Guildford Philanthropy

Celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2024, we can look back on a decade of raising awareness and bringing our community together. Thanks to donations from local residents and businesses, we have built an endowment fund of over £900,000. The investment proceeds of which will provide funds to award grants every year going forward in perpetuity. In addition, we have to date awarded over £400,000 of grants to local charities, social enterprises and other voluntary organisations. As well as providing mentoring support, connections to other funding sources and the bringing together of 34 businesses as our Corporate Ambassadors to network and support those most in need on their doorstep.

Guildford Philanthropy is powered solely by volunteers who kindly give their time and expertise, and apart from a small admin fee to the Community Foundation of Surrey, all donations go to support good causes. We are very grateful to Guildford Borough Council, who have for several years provided match-funding support so that all donations are increased by 50%, boosting the help we can provide to our local community.

We endeavour to raise awareness and encourage local members of our community. To help us support projects that deliver training opportunities, work experience, jobs and other benefits to local people who need help – whether due to poor education, disability or mental illness. We aim to build confidence and self-esteem by facilitating access to a working environment and encouraging the development of new skills, thus enabling those most in need to improve their lives.

We also help local charities and community and voluntary organisations to become more sustainable and enhance their ability to tackle needs across our community.

You can visit the Guildford Philanthropy website here for further information:


Match Funding

Guildford Philanthropy gives everyone the chance to support their local community. To encourage potential philanthropists, Guildford Borough Council will match fund every £1 of private donations with a further 50p. If you are a UK tax payer your donation may also be eligible for Gift Aid, helping your donation go even further!



+ Match Funding: £500 = Total gift


Gift Aid: £250