Orchid Environmental Trust Fund

28th April 2016

The Orchid Environmental Trust Fund supports projects across Surrey which conserve or improve the wildlife value of an area; and/or raise awareness of and access to the environment

Community environmental projects which have been supported by this Fund include community gardens and wildlife areas, as well as community orchards.

Grants are prioritised to small, volunteer-led community groups.

The Donors to this Fund (a local Surrey couple) are also interested in supporting the start up costs of new initiatives.


Examples of funded projects:

Guildford Environmental Forum – £1,000

The Guildford Environmental Forum work to make Guildford a greener and more sustainable place – by educating, informing, cutting energy use, reducing ecological footprints, helping wildlife and tackling climate change.

A grant provided the group with purpose built swift nesting boxes around the area. Swifts have become much less common in the countryside and have become largely urban birds. As well as providing a safe place for the birds to nest, there was an increased boost in the wellbeing of residents in Guildford and Woking involved in the project.

Autism and Nature – £2,000

Local charity, Autism and Nature, strive to tackle the lack of opportunities for children with ARD to learn about and experience the outdoors.

Funding was awarded for the production and distribution of a colouring book created specifically for children with autism & related disabilities (ARD), in order to help them engage with nature.

An initial grant helped produce ‘Alex and Rosie’s Adventures in Surrey’ – a pilot storybook that was found successful in helping parents and teachers in Surrey encourage autistic children to engage with the natural environment.

The books are aimed at children aged 5-11 and have been designed to improve communication with ARD children, encouraging them to stay calm, be self-expressive, aid in the development of motor skills and help them better relate to their surroundings.

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