Cyrus Fund

The Cyrus Fund, just like the Community Foundation for Surrey’s other Funds, was established by a local Donor.

The Fund awards grants to support local grassroots organisations to do things that they would otherwise not have the opportunity to do.

Grants are targeted to enable local groups to grow and develop, or improve the services they offer to local people.

Grants are focused in Waverley, and particularly around the Godalming area.

Grants are awarded to fund capital costs or one-off items to improve or extend existing services and infrastructure, or to help develop a new initiative.

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Are you feeling inspired? We work with individuals, families, business and trusts to establish bespoke funds to support the charities and voluntary groups, providing vital services for local people and disadvantaged individuals across Surrey.

Giving with the Community Foundation for Surrey is designed to be as simple as possible. Donors benefit from the Community Foundation’s due diligence, and knowledge of local needs.

By working with the Community Foundation donors can connect with the causes they care about and increase the impact of their giving to help hundreds of groups every year.

Apply for funding

Applying for funding is easy. Simply fill out a quick Expression of Interest Form (EOI) to start the application process.

Tell us what you want to do, and how much you would like to apply for. The EOI is designed to save you time and provide us with a little more information about your funding needs prior to making a full application.

The grants team will then review your EOI against our fund criteria and advise you if we can invite you forward to make a full application.


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