Stonar Brighter Futures Fund



Mike is the owner of the Stonar Brighter Futures Fund.

Even though he moved to various locations across the UK and now lives overseas, Surrey is where his family’s home was, and it is still where he considers his roots to be.


“I hope that by giving back I may be able to help others enjoy some of the same opportunities that I had when growing up in this wonderful area.”

Both Mike’s Dad and Mum supported charities throughout their lives. Sadly Mike’s parents are no longer with us and the Fund is a fitting honour to their lives.

Via a Deed of Variation, Mike was able to plan a flexible, tax-effective way to create a charitable giving fund from the inheritance that he had received. A Deed of Variation is a simple and effective way to pass on an inheritance. You should be clear first on what you want to achieve. Then talk it through with a solicitor who will be able to provide any additional advice, including possible tax benefits, and complete the administration which should be quite straightforward.

How the Fund is changing people’s lives

Grants awarded by the Stonar Brighter Futures Fund focus on non-profit organisations, including charities and voluntary groups who are providing support to enable disadvantaged young people (under age 25) with the opportunity to undertake activities that promote their ability to contribute to society. Examples of this might include, but not be limited to:

  • Education
  • Sport, music or other pastimes that develop worthwhile skills
  • Animal welfare
  • Environmental initiatives
  • Addressing underprivilege or crime reduction
  • Leadership development
  • Charitable work

Mike likes to be involved and build a relationship with the charities he funds and visits them whenever possible.


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