Funder Plus Volunteer profiles

Laurie Mutch, Funder Plus Volunteer and Area of Expertise Lead

“I am the founder and CEO of two management consulting firms that continue to advise international clients. Formerly Shell Group Finance Director for the world-wide natural gas, power, and coal divisions. Currently a director of Quadrise Fuels International and chair of the audit committee.

I was initially Invited to join Funder Plus as a volunteer and then as a member of the committee. I lead the Accounting Area of Expertise for Funder Plus, and in addition provide governance and organisational development advice as required. As a volunteer I draw heavily on a 25 year career with Shell and subsequent international experience as a consultant on business development.

Engaging with 7 charitable organisations over the last 2 years, I’ve learnt a tremendous amount about compliant charity accounting, but even more crucial, the importance of finding an appropriate communication tone. One that focusses on listening to Trustee’s issues and concerns, gaining their confidence, and reassuring them that a solution can be found that will work for them. A very different experience from my ongoing business career and richly rewarding.”


Simon Cox, Funder Plus Volunteer and Area of Expertise Lead

“I was a partner in a global law firm for 30 years. I am now semi-retired but still working as a corporate lawyer in the UK and internationally and have a wide range of other activities.

I have always been involved in volunteering and in my semi-retired phase I have expanded this to include a number of new volunteering roles (ranging from hands-on work (in a soup kitchen and a food bank and for the Royal Parks) to pro bono legal work and various committees and trusteeships).

As I have strong Surrey connections, I was invited to join the Community Foundation for Surrey Grants Committee and then the Funder Plus panel. I was also involved in the Surrey Young People’s Fund.

My area of expertise is the implementation and assisting in the co-ordination of a range of non-accounting projects, including structuring and business planning, apply the expertise I have developed as a lawyer and project leader in a large and busy law firm.

I think that CFS does wonderful work and the skill, local knowledge and experience of its team enables us volunteers to focus our efforts on charities where they can be most useful. I enjoy working as part of the friendly, enthusiastic, and committed wider-CFS team.”

Nigel Gillot, Funder Plus Volunteer and Chair of Funder Plus Committee

“Having retired from a career as an actuary, I started a charity in Leatherhead. It soon became apparent to me that there were great charities in Surrey but inevitably they were focused on helping people and had little time or expertise to deal with accounting, business planning, fund raising, employment law, IT, charity legislation etc. Funder Plus was the perfect answer providing assistance to the charities in these areas, allowing them to concentrate on their core skill of helping the people they served.

I assist charities with their accounting, finances, and charitable structures. My financial background helps me provide such a service but there are also new skills and knowledge I have to learn; this presents me with an opportunity to stretch my brain.

For me, Funder Plus means having fun while meeting some of the lovely people who run Surrey charities.”