Help support Ukraine refugees arriving into Surrey

16th May 2022

Ukraine refugees arriving into Surrey – what we currently know


We have been working closely with partner agencies across the county to keep abreast of the latest situation regarding the war in Ukraine and refugees arriving into the county.  At the present time we are anticipating an influx of applications from Refugee Support organisations.


  • 2,407 Ukrainian families are currently expected to arrive into the county with 1,345 having received visas already. The families will be dispersed across the county.
  • We know that there are many children – 892 individuals aged 2–17.

There is currently a lot of work going on to find school places for all the children. Those families placed in rural homes are really struggling to access public transport to attend interviews at job centres, doctors’ appointments, etc.

Ukrainian children are still receiving lessons from their schools back in Ukraine via Zoom – only pausing if a bomb siren goes off and the teachers have to seek shelter. They are very keen to learn and the importance of education is paramount in Ukrainian culture.

In addition to incoming Ukrainian families there are many hundreds of Afghan families still housed in hotels surrounding Heathrow and Gatwick airport – and several hundred more are arriving each month as emergency evacuations continue. This situation is now becoming quite desperate with hotel accommodation not suitable, particularly for families with young children.

Our Surrey Community Fund exists to support crisis and emerging needs across the county including support for all refugees. To help us meet the many unmet needs that exist, please donate securely online via the button below.