Help support Young People’s Mental Health in Surrey

16th May 2022

We are facing a shortfall in funds to meet the demand to provide support for Young People’s Mental Health 

The need for greater mental health provision for young people in Surrey is urgent

The pandemic has given rise to an increase in demand for mental health provision, particularly amongst young people.

  • The latest prevalence data for England shows that approximately 1 in 7 children and young people aged 11–18 experiences at least one mental health disorder.
  • This equates to 40,000 children and young people in Surrey!

At the Community Foundation for Surrey we are facing a shortfall in funds to meet the demand to provide support for young people’s mental health.

  • Applications for funding in our recent Young People’s round total over £688,000 and currently the funds available represent a 42% shortfall compared to what is needed.
  • Although the Young People’s round supports a range of challenges faced by young people in Surrey, a staggering 33% of applications are requests from organisations providing mental health provision and prevention initiatives.

The Community Foundation for Surrey funds many organisations who work hard to support those experiencing mental health issues. One of these organisations is east to west, a Surrey based charity that supports over 1,000 local children, young people and their families. The children and young people who work with east to west often struggle with self-harming, bullying, broken family relationships, abuse and homelessness. We supported them with a grant to help deal with the surge in demand for children and young people’s mental health services following the Coronavirus pandemic. Read more about east to west

If you are in a position to help more organisations like east to west, please consider making a donation today.