Jo, Sangeeta and Phil join our team

8th March 2022

This month we are delighted to welcome three new members to our team.


Jo Cummins joins us as Funder Plus Manager and is responsible for running our volunteer programmes. Jo leads our Funder Plus initiative, which provides highly skilled and experienced volunteers to support organisations with advice and guidance in a range of critical business areas. 

Sangeeta Patel is our new Bookkeeper. Sangeeta provides support to our Director of Finance and works closely with our grants team to pay out each of our grants as they are awarded.

Phil Graham joins as Communications Officer with the brief to significantly raise our profile amongst key stakeholders and help us to position ourselves as the central platform for philanthropy and grant-making in Surrey. Phil will be delivering a planned programme of communications.


Our staff have specific areas of expertise and skills allowing us to be a versatile and dedicated organisation that works with both donors as well as community and voluntary groups in the county.

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