Benefits of Charitable giving

We are here for the long term, and based on sound governance and financial management.

Establishing a Fund within the Community Foundation for Surrey provides a number of benefits to the Donor, including:


Quick and easy to establish.  All the grant administration is managed by the Community Foundation including all administration of applications, grant awards, monitoring and evaluation and provision of reports to the Donor.


Funds can be established to benefit a particular theme of community activity or geographic area important to you. You are able to make decisions on grant awards with the support, time and additional expertise and knowledge of the Community Foundation’s Grants team.


Grants are targeted to greatest need based on knowledge and understanding of local communities by the Community Foundation for Surrey.


Endowment Funds benefit from being invested collectively and generate quarterly income to award as grants to support projects that meet the aims of the Donor in perpetuity creating a significant legacy for Surrey’s communities in the Donor’s name.

Ability to join a growing community of donors with similar philanthropic objectives

Opportunities to network with other donors, receive updates on local issues and share experiences.

Access to research enabling donations to be put to best possible use

Our Surrey Uncovered Report and ongoing needs research enables donors to understand local issues on a local ward or sub ward basis – bringing a sharper focus to local giving.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Due diligence on the grant awards plus regular reports on the grants awards, geographic area and type of beneficiaries as well as evaluation on the impact and benefit of grants.


The Community Foundation for Surrey will promote the fund to ensure local groups are aware of the funding and how to apply. Additional promotion and connections are provided across Surrey through the Community Foundation’s contacts, Trustees, Ambassadors, events and activities, website, annual reports and local press.

Giving options

The Community Foundation is distinctive in its objective of inspiring local philanthropy by building community funds to support the needs of communities and voluntary groups in Surrey.

Our bespoke donor service, enables individuals, business, families and trusts to support local communities in the way that is right for them.

There are two main options to consider when establishing a Fund:

Flow-through Fund

The total value of the donation is distributed as grants over a period of time (often a year) minus a contribution towards the Community Foundation’s costs of managing your Fund.

Endowment Fund

The capital is invested and the income generated, minus a contribution to the Community Foundation’s time, is awarded each year in perpetuity. Permanent Funds can be established as a one off donation or built over a number of years.


I have found the Community Foundation to be an excellent resource to ensure funds are placed where they are really needed. They are good at keeping in touch and responsive to our requirements

Suzanne Marriott – Partner, Charles Russell Speechlys LLP

Establishing a Fund within the Community Foundation vs establishing an independent charitable trust

There are many benefits of establishing a Fund within the Community Foundation vs establishing your own Charitable Trust, including;

  • Benefit from our established connections to local community and voluntary groups, media outlets, stakeholders and civic dignitaries
  • Our experienced grants team and Grants Policy Group streamline the giving process and manage all due diligence checks to help inform your decisions and make the giving process as fun as possible
  • Potential to increase the impact of grants awarded by co-funding with other Funds held within the Community Foundation
  • The Foundation manages all the legal and financial requirements with the Charity Commission and Companies House including payment of grant cheques, providing quarterly and annual Fund statements and the annual audit for the annual report and accounts