Sporting Memories

30th October 2019

We awarded a grant of £1,000 to the Refresh Church Trust (RCT) for a pilot project ‘Sporting Memories’ for isolated older people and those dealing with early onset dementia.

The Trust aims to be a positive resource in the community, and to provide projects which meet spiritual and physical needs. The Refresh Centre is a community and resource space providing spaces for hire to local groups and local businesses and a free venue for community groups offering free activities.

The sporting reminiscence sessions are fun, relaxed and help people rekindle memories and make new friends. The grant was used to set up, promote and deliver a session at the Refresh Centre in Moseley for 20 weeks.

The project has attracted widowers, dementia sufferers, divorcing and isolated people.

One of the elderly dementia sufferers had refused to come out of his house for months. It was the sport element and encouragement from a friend that finally persuaded him to attend. He loved it so much he keeps talking about it at home and looks forward to it every week. With transport he even came without his friend and allowed another to drive him home, which is great progress. The friend who brought him along is so delighted and learns more about him as he reminisces about his childhood sporting career and life.

– Sporting Memories facilitator, the Refresh Church Trust