Through the eyes of our Donors – Rodney & Linda

27th February 2019

Personal philanthropy inspired by professional experience

We work closely with a number of generous donors that want to give back to their local communities and support causes that they are passionate about.

This is Rodney & Linda’s story:

Prior to retirement, Rodney advised clients on how to manage their money, including advice on charitable giving. Linda spent much of her teaching career supporting children with special needs, many of whom also had major family issues. They now use what they learnt during their careers in their work with the Foundation.

By working with the Foundation, we do not have the burden and costs of compliance with the Charity Commission had we set up our own charitable trust.

We have visited projects and had huge support from the Foundation’s team who source and assess applications for us to consider and have introduced us to fellow philanthropists. We have made some exciting grants, learned a lot and uncovered the hidden Surrey behind the wealthy exterior.

Rodney and Linda have their own fund with the Foundation that focuses on their interests and that allows them to be as involved as they wish. We asked them how philanthropy has changed their lives.

It is something we can do together, without committing large amounts of our time. We have learned that it doesn’t take a huge amount of money to make a difference. You can share the joy of giving with your family whilst minimising the legal and financial responsibility associated with charitable giving.

By giving locally through the Foundation, we have the privilege of supporting needs we would not otherwise have known about.

You can read more about Rodney and Linda’s giving with us in our Philanthropy Brochure.

Image: Home-Start Surrey, supported by Rodney and Linda

Through the eyes of our Donors – Bryan

Advising others on the benefits of philanthropy

We work closely with a number of generous donors that want to give back to their local communities and support causes that they are passionate about.

This is Bryan’s story:

Bryan is a retired solicitor who, for over 50 years, served the community in numerous activities and causes including trusts and testamentary counselling.

Over the years more people have come to recognise the importance of testamentary instruction when mortality becomes a reality and they are concerned about inheritance tax, which may regard as unfair. In this context, Bryan recalls those who have died content in the knowledge that they have left substantial sums to charity.

Having served as a trustee on many local trusts, Bryan recognised the concerns for trustees such as the responsibility of trusteeship, compliance, audit and heavy administration costs.

The advantages of partnering with the Foundation are immediate: release from legal responsibility as a trustee, continuing involvement as a panel member, better management, advice and expertise plus the opportunity to meet amazing people who are the inspiration to the charities they serve.

Since 2006, Bryan has witnessed four local trusts that have benefited from working with the Foundation. One of these is the Challice Trust whose former patron, Ruth Challice Bush, lived in the Haslemere area and actively served the community as well as being financially generous. Since transfer to the Foundation, the Haslemere Challice Fund has grown dramatically both in value and the funds it distributes.

Haslemere is a good example of a town where community spirit is active and apparent. Haslemere Museum, Haslemere Hall and now Haslewey Community Centre have been supported by so many volunteers, but also by funding from the Foundation. Organisations like these are the pillars of the community and their work continues not through public testamentary gifts and the unstinting loyalty of their volunteers.

Bryan recognises that as the government funding available contracts, philanthropy is most important now, more than ever.

Philanthropic organisations, such as the Foundation, are needed more than ever to fill the widening gap between cause and effect. The reward of philanthropy is the achievement brought by the good work of charities and citizens.

Bryan has received great pleasure in giving with us and has been able to meet with other donors that have given up their time for the benefit of others. We asked Bryan what piece of advice he would give to those new to philanthropy and thinking about giving;

Harness the joy of giving something to the community. Heed everything that is on offer and seize upon the moment to do something really positive.

You can read more about Bryan’s giving with us in our Philanthropy Brochure.

Through the eyes of our Donors – Nigel, Alison and family

24th April 2018

Sharing the joy of giving across generations

We work closely with a number of generous donors that want to give back to their local communities and support causes that they are passionate about.

This is Nigel and Alison’s story:

Following careers as an actuary and teacher respectively, Nigel and Alison helped to establish a youth project in one of the most socially deprived areas of Surrey.

We have been very fortunate and we wanted to share our luck with some of those who were less privileged. Through establishing a youth charity in Surrey, we learned how a small amount of money could make a difference to the lives of those experiencing disadvantage.

Applying for funding for the charity brought the family into contact with the Foundation for the first time.

After making several grant applications, it was clear that the Foundation provided an indispensable service bringing together those who had money to give with those who needed funding. Most importantly, they were professional in making sure that the money was used appropriately by the charities. Establishing our own fund with the Foundation seemed the right thing to do.

The fund includes Nigel and Alison’s children, Carol and David, and their families and so their endowment will continue making gifts on behalf of the family well into the future. They have particularly loved visiting the projects that they have awarded grants to, and seeing the positive impact that their money has had within the community.

Nigel, having worked in business his entire career, wanted the best return on their money.

The Foundation was the perfect solution. No one else is as effective in linking donors with charitable organisations and ensuring that our support is used to the best effect.

Not only have Nigel and Alison received great pleasure in giving with us, they have been able to meet with other donors that have given up their time for the benefit of others. We asked Nigel how philanthropy has changed their lives;

We have met lovely people including other donors. It is a privilege to know all of these people. Most of all, it has been fun!

You can read more about the Nigel and Alison’s giving with us in our Philanthropy Brochure.

Launching our Impact Report

14th March 2018

Last night we launched our first Impact Report at the beautiful venue of Royal Holloway University, Egham.

This report shows the Impact we have achieved in developing philanthropy and grant making in our 12 years since establishing, which we are delighted to share with you.

Our report reveals that the Community Foundation’s work to inspire local giving has generated over £22million for the benefit of charitable projects across Surrey, since our establishment in 2005. This total figure of £22million includes funds for immediate grant making, as well as endowments, which will continue growing and providing income for the long term.

We are delighted to share that we have funded 1,446 groups and individuals over 2,748 grants across Surrey. This report highlights the impact this funding has enabled, including inspiring case studies from groups and individuals, and statistics broken down by Impact Assessment Framework theme, including Disadvantage & Exclusion, Health & Wellbeing and Education & Skills, to name a few.

Kate Peters, our Director of Grants & Impact said:

We are incredibly proud to have reached this milestone of £22million generated in resources for Surrey communities, and we feel this Impact Report shows a powerful insight into the difference our donors’ giving makes across Surrey.

Whilst we support hundreds of charities and community groups each year to the tune of £1.2million, there is still much more work to be done. Last year, we received over £1million in grant requests that we were unable to fund. This clearly shows the steep demand in funding needs across the voluntary sector.

Laura Thurlow, our Chief Executive said:

Despite our successes, there is clearly a huge amount of unmet need in the county. We are very keen to work with more Surrey individuals and businesses who are wanting to explore how they can have an impact through local philanthropy.

The evening of the launch was a huge success, and would not have been made possible without the beautiful venue of Royal Holloway’s Picture Gallery, to which the Foundation are hugely grateful to Royal Holloway, University of London.

Our sincerest thanks to Barclays, for sponsoring the publication.

We would like to all of those who joined us last night for this truly special occasion.