The Lady Noel Byron Nursing Association

9th April 2019

Created in 1858, the Noel Byron Nursing Association was established to support a District Nurse for the villages of East and West Horsley. The first meeting of the Trustees held on 6th March 1858 was chaired by the Earl of Lovelace and the minute book recording every meeting since is now available to see in the County Archives.

The Charity became largely redundant with the creation of the NHS, until the retirement of Nurse Horsley and the sale of the house she occupied. After the sale, the Trustees began to award grants to local groups promoting the health and welfare of Horsleys residents. Under the Chairmanship of the late Marcus Colby, and latterly Jeremy Miles, this work continued until the charity was transferred to the Horsley Community Fund in 2015, enabling the charity to continue to benefit the health and well-being of village residents in line with Lady Byron’s wishes in perpetuity.

David Morgan, former Lady Noel Byron Nursing Association Trustee, has joined the Horsleys Community Fund panel and his local knowledge and experience is a fantastic addition to the team.

“We are delighted that by combining funds we will generate more money to have a bigger impact and better support the villages and their residents; whilst preserving the rich history of the Lady Noel Byron Nursing Association.”

Clare Mathias, Horsleys Community Fund Panel Chair