Through the eyes of our Donors – Bryan

27th February 2019

Advising others on the benefits of philanthropy

We work closely with a number of generous donors that want to give back to their local communities and support causes that they are passionate about.

This is Bryan’s story:

Bryan is a retired solicitor who, for over 50 years, served the community in numerous activities and causes including trusts and testamentary counselling.

Over the years more people have come to recognise the importance of testamentary instruction when mortality becomes a reality and they are concerned about inheritance tax, which may regard as unfair. In this context, Bryan recalls those who have died content in the knowledge that they have left substantial sums to charity.

Having served as a trustee on many local trusts, Bryan recognised the concerns for trustees such as the responsibility of trusteeship, compliance, audit and heavy administration costs.

The advantages of partnering with the Foundation are immediate: release from legal responsibility as a trustee, continuing involvement as a panel member, better management, advice and expertise plus the opportunity to meet amazing people who are the inspiration to the charities they serve.

Since 2006, Bryan has witnessed four local trusts that have benefited from working with the Foundation. One of these is the Challice Trust whose former patron, Ruth Challice Bush, lived in the Haslemere area and actively served the community as well as being financially generous. Since transfer to the Foundation, the Haslemere Challice Fund has grown dramatically both in value and the funds it distributes.

Haslemere is a good example of a town where community spirit is active and apparent. Haslemere Museum, Haslemere Hall and now Haslewey Community Centre have been supported by so many volunteers, but also by funding from the Foundation. Organisations like these are the pillars of the community and their work continues not through public testamentary gifts and the unstinting loyalty of their volunteers.

Bryan recognises that as the government funding available contracts, philanthropy is most important now, more than ever.

Philanthropic organisations, such as the Foundation, are needed more than ever to fill the widening gap between cause and effect. The reward of philanthropy is the achievement brought by the good work of charities and citizens.

Bryan has received great pleasure in giving with us and has been able to meet with other donors that have given up their time for the benefit of others. We asked Bryan what piece of advice he would give to those new to philanthropy and thinking about giving;

Harness the joy of giving something to the community. Heed everything that is on offer and seize upon the moment to do something really positive.

You can read more about Bryan’s giving with us in ourĀ Philanthropy Brochure.