Why give with the Community Foundation for Surrey?


Are you looking for funding?

We support local charities, community and voluntary groups in Surrey whose work benefits our communities.


"I have found the Foundation to be an excellent resource to ensure funds are placed where they are really needed. They are good at keeping in touch and responsive to our requirements."

Suzanne Marriott – Partner, Charles Russell Speechlys LLP


Are you looking for funding?

We support local charities, community and voluntary groups in Surrey whose work benefits our communities.

Tom Higgins, CEO Gold-i - Making philanthropy a part of corporate culture

"Working in partnership with the Foundation allowed us to develop a clear theme to our giving that echoes the business."

Tom Higgins - CEO, Gold-i Ltd


The Community Foundation for Surrey is a knowledgeable, local service which allows local people to give to the causes they care about in a strategic and effective manner.

If you are considering setting up a fund or perhaps a charitable trust, here are some key benefits to working with the Community Foundation for Surrey:

  • Bespoke donor service – we work closely with you to channel your giving to ensure it makes the biggest impact locally, helping you connect with causes you are passionate about
  • Local expertise – our local knowledge helps you fund projects doing incredible work below the radar
  • Building long-term sustainable community resources – we can invest your donations as an endowment to generate ongoing income to award grants in perpetuity
  • Tax effective – if you are a UK tax payer then Gift Aid allows 25% to be added to your donation. Additionally, higher rate tax payers can benefit from extra incentives
  • Due diligence and financial requirements  The Foundation manages all the legal and financial requirements with the Charity Commission and Companies House including the annual audit for the annual report and accounts
  • Join with other like-minded people – by becoming part of the Community Foundation for Surrey family, you have the opportunity to partner with our other funds to make joint awards to projects you wish to support, helping your money go further

Connect with causes you are passionate about!

Since establishing in 2005, we have supported over 1,400 community groups across Surrey. In that time, we have built up an expert knowledge of the many incredible groups and projects who help make our county a better place.

By establishing a fund with the Foundation, you can target your giving to make a difference to the causes that you care about. Each fund within the Foundation is unique in its motivations, aims and methods of giving, but all of them are linked by a passion to provide support to those who need it across Surrey. Many of our donors remark that they would never have come across the local groups they have helped fund without the Foundation connecting them.

Maximising your gift

If you an an eligible tax payer, Gift Aid adds 25% to your donation.

Additionally, if you pay tax at the higher or additional rate, you can claim the difference between the rate you pay and basic rate on your donation.

For example: If you donate £50,000 to the Foundation – we claim Gift Aid to make your donation £62,500. You pay 40% tax you can personally claim back £12,500 (£62,500 x 20%). Therefore in this case, a gift of £62,500 only costs you £37,500. Should you choose to re-gift this saving to the Foundation the magnifying effect of your original gift increases again.

Interested in finding out more?

If you would like to find out more about how the Community Foundation for Surrey can support your giving, please contact our Chief Executive, Laura Thurlow by calling 01482 478092.






We also have an excellent range of publications available to view, which you can click on below:

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