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We have a range of giving options, which will allow you to effectively channel your giving to local causes you are passionate about


We have a range of giving options, which will allow you to effectively channel your giving to local causes you are passionate about

The Characters


We have a range of giving options, which will allow you to effectively channel your giving to local causes you are passionate about


We have a range of giving options, which will allow you to effectively channel your giving to local causes you are passionate about

The Community Foundation for Surrey is a philanthropic charity, who for over 15 years has been bringing together local donors and those acting to provide positive solutions in our communities for local people.

We work with individuals, families, businesses and trusts who want to make a real and lasting difference to their local communities in a way that works best for them. Our bespoke funds provide donors with a flexible and convenient service, using our experience to connect them with inspiring local projects and charitable organisations within their community. Donors can choose how involved they get, knowing that our team will manage their day to day grant making and due diligence. Importantly, our donors tell us that it is incredibly enjoyable and rewarding to be involved with the Community Foundation for Surrey!

Since establishing in 2005, we have generated £31.6 million to benefit community groups and individuals in Surrey, including having built an endowment of £13.5 million to ensure that our donors’ giving continues to make a sustainable, lasting impact. With a range of giving options, the Foundation can assist you to channel your giving to where it will be most effective on a local level.

Giving Options

We currently manage 89 Active Funds; these include the following types of Fund:

1) A bespoke fund

We currently have 62 Bespoke Funds which include individual and family funds, corporate funds and funds established in partnership with charitable trusts and foundations. Funds can be established to benefit a particular theme of community activity or geographic area important to you.

We will work with you to establish your aims and areas of interest, and we will then be ready to start sharing grant applications with you throughout the year for your consideration, usually on a quarterly basis. We will help you discover incredible local projects making a difference on your doorstep, and you have the peace of mind knowing that our team have thoroughly assessed each project, prior to your consideration of awarding a grant.

In order to launch a bespoke fund, a minimum donation amount will apply.

Your fund can be:

a) Endowment Fund

A capital sum is invested into an endowment, and the income generated provides grant making funds throughout the year, minus a contribution to the Community Foundation’s time. Funds can be established as a one-off donation or built over a number of years. Endowments provide a fantastic long-term investment, allowing donors to continue giving for years to come.

b) Flow-through Fund

You make a donation to your fund which is immediately available for awarding grants to local projects. Our team will work with you to understand your passion and aims, and will then put forward grant applications for your consideration on a regular basis. Flow-through funds are usually topped up annually, and a contribution to the Community Foundation applies.

Working with you

In both instances, the Community Foundation is proud to work in partnership with our donors to provide an expert service to ensure that your giving goes to worthwhile causes in the areas you are passionate about. Our team enjoy working closely with our donors to achieve your philanthropic aims, and some of the benefits of our service include detailed due diligence checks of the groups we support, strong knowledge of needs across Surrey and the community groups within it, opportunities to visit the charities you support, quarterly grant applications from local projects for you to consider, an expert finance team who manage your fund and the accounting and investment requirements, and end of grant reports from the projects you’ve supported.

2) Themed Funds

As an alternative to establishing a bespoke fund, you can collaborate with other donors and contribute to one of our collective giving funds. These funds pool donations from a number of donors who all share the same passion for a particular cause, and grants are awarded by a panel of donors and local individuals.

Our themed funds include:





Health & Wellbeing


Education & Skills




Surrey Hills Trust Fund – enhancing lives through landscapes, access and conservation

Surrey Community Arts Fund – widening participation in the arts

Surrey Community Fund – supporting current needs across the county

Elder Companionship Fund – combating social isolation, loneliness and disadvantage

Surrey Sports Fund – enabling access to sports for all

Surrey Mental Health Fund – Helping young people aged 8-13 with early intervention support

Surrey Education Fund – access to training and opportunities for young people

Surrey Supported Employment Fund – overcoming barriers to work for people with disabilities

Guildford Young Carers – providing services or equipment that will help young carers with educational, emotional and social needs

Surrey Young People’s Fund – supporting disadvantaged young people in Surrey to gain access to training and employment


3) Area Funds

We also have a number of area funds across the county which allow donors to pool donations which can have a bigger impact.

We will provide donors with regular updates on grants awarded from these collective funds, to ensure donors can stay up to date with which projects have been supported from the collective fund they have contributed to.

4) Become a Friend

We are seeking Friends we can partner with to enable us to strengthen and grow the vital work we support across the county. By contributing £1,000 per year, for a minimum of three years, our Friends scheme gives you the opportunity to support Surrey communities in a simple but effective way. This contribution will support the day-to-day essential resources of running the Community Foundation for Surrey, and by selecting Gift Aid, a further 25% is added to make your donation go even further.

Please download our Friends Flyer here for more information, and how to join our growing community of supporters.

5) Surrey Community Fund

Our Surrey Community Fund makes grants to community groups in Surrey. Donors to this fund can be assured that their gift will be used to support a vital local project which is in need of support. Throughout the year, the Trustees of the Community Foundation allocate grants from this fund to impactful local charities, focusing on the current needs in the county. Donations of any amount are welcomed, and can be made online, via BACS, or cheques made to the Community Foundation for Surrey.

If you would like to find out more about giving with the Community Foundation for Surrey, our Director of Development, Claire Heath would be delighted to speak with you. You can contact Claire by calling 01483 906383 or email at

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