Dora Fedoruk Memorial Fund

27th April 2016

The Dora Fedoruk Memorial Fund was established in 2012 in memory of Mrs Dora Fedoruk and her dedication to helping people in need.

After graduating as a Research Chemist, Dora helped produce and research vaccines for a variety of illnesses in humans and animals. It was in the early days of immunity and part of Dora’s work was to evaluate the strengths of each batch of Schick Toxin used as a skin test for Diphtheria. She also evaluated the strength of each batch of Tetanus Toxoid which was being produced to protect soldiers in the World War II from the disease should they be wounded.

In August 1940, Dora joined the H.M. Factory Inspectorate organising fire watching orders in factories to support the firemen. These orders prevented thousands of fires and saved lives. At the age of 27, Dora became the Personal Assistant to the Deputy Director of Scientific Research and Development during the war. She then went on to become a Factory Inspector at Peek Frean & Co where she met her future husband Janek Fedoruk, a Polish Army Captain. They married in 1955 when Dora was 39.

With little money Dora and her husband Jan built up South Park Farm in Grayswood, Haslemere. The farm was an open house to the community and especially the Polish contingent. Her philosophy would embrace those in hardship with her generosity and kindness, extended to animals as she was passionate about their protection and rescue.
Following the death of her beloved husband Jan in 1974, Dora spent her years supporting families in need in Poland thorough the Haslemere Polish Relief, sending over food, clothing and medical supplies.

The Community Foundation for Surrey is delighted that Dora Fedoruk’s legacy lives on through the Dora Fedoruk Memorial Fund which awards grants to support people at time of need or crisis in Surrey.