Vision Mission Values


Our vision is to create a culture of philanthropy in Surrey that will change people’s lives and build stronger communities.



Our mission is to inspire strategic local philanthropy for local need and make a lasting impact in our community. To deliver our mission we will:

  • Engage people in local philanthropy to support communities across the county
  • Build sustainable funds to increase the level of resources available to community and voluntary groups across Surrey now and in perpetuity
  • Identify and understand where need exists in Surrey
  • Connect this need with local donors, to award strategic grants to strengthen our communities and make a genuine difference to the lives of local people



We focus our energy on building significant, sustainable funds for local communities


We work with integrity, transparency and efficiency


We are an approachable and supportive grant-funder, with a heart firmly rooted in our community


We collaborate with local donors and local voluntary groups to enable positive and sustainable change to be achieved


We take a positive and creative approach, using our knowledge to realise the power of local philanthropy