Vision Mission Values


Our vision is to create a culture of philanthropy in Surrey that will change people’s lives and build stronger communities.



Our mission is to inspire strategic local philanthropy for local need and make a lasting impact in our community. To deliver our mission we will:

  • Engage people in local philanthropy to support communities across the county;
  • Build sustainable funds to increase the level of resources available to community and voluntary groups across Surrey now and in perpetuity;
  • Identify and understand where need exists in Surrey;
  • Connect this need with local donors, to award strategic grants to strengthen our communities and make a genuine difference to the lives of local people


Professional We provide a high quality service for donors and grant recipients that is trusted and respected within a well governed and financially secure organisation

Bespoke  We provide a unique and bespoke service to donors that is accessible and flexible, helping them to see the impact of their giving

Local Our local focus enables people to engage in building community resources to meet the diverse needs in their area

Knowledgeable – We are knowledgeable about local needs and continue to develop this knowledge through researching and listening to the needs of local people

Accessible – Our grant application process is designed to be as simple as possible to ensure voluntary groups of all levels of experience can access funding

Innovative – We seek new and exciting ways of delivering our services and meeting local community needs to maximise our impact

Passionate – Our team of Staff, Trustees, Vice Presidents, Ambassadors and Donors are passionate about supporting local communities and changing people’s lives through the power of philanthropy