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Legacy Giving in Surrey

Whether you are considering legacy giving in Surrey through your will or looking to commemorate a loved one, we can assist in making sure your gift leaves a lasting impact.

Many of our wonderful supporters have been dedicated to Surrey for many years and want their commitment to carry on even after they’re no longer with us. This shows how deeply they care about our community during their lifetime and their desire to help create a brighter future.

We understand that leaving a lasting legacy is a thoughtful process. Of course, your family, friends, and loved ones are your top priority, and that’s absolutely right.


We offer a range of flexible options for those who want to leave a lasting legacy for their local Surrey community. Some folks have a clear idea of the causes they’d like to support in their will, while others may want to give back to their community but aren’t sure which charities to choose. They might also worry about whether smaller local charities will still be around in 30 years.

In addition to cash donations, we’re able to accept gifts of shares, property, investments, and more.

Making an Impact

Since 2005, the Community Foundation for Surrey has been making a difference in the lives of thousands of people across our county.

We award around £2m every year to hundreds of grassroots local charities and community organisations. We work really hard on behalf of our donors to find the most impactful groups, working on the most challenging problems for the community in Surrey – a county where often so many of the problems faced by people are invisible to the majority of the population.

Your legacy giving in Surrey will play a vital role in helping us support the people and communities of Surrey for many years to come.


Every charitable gift in a will is entirely exempt from inheritance tax. Additionally, the inheritance tax rate reduces from 40% to 36% if at least 10% of your estate goes to charity. We strongly recommend seeking advice from a professional advisor for any tax-related matters.

Download our Tax effective giving guide

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Supporting a Themed Fund

Your legacy can be used to support one of our existing ‘Forever Funds’ – set up to address some of the key issues faced by our communities.
Such funds range from Elder Companionship, to Young People’s Mental Health. We also have funds that have been set up to support particular areas of the county – such as towns and villages like Haslemere or Chiddingfold, or larger areas like Woking or Guildford.
The beauty of a themed fund is that lots of donations are pooled together to make really significant funds which can make a powerful impact on an area or issue.

Creating a Donor Advised Fund in your name

For larger gifts we can also set up a fund in your name – tailored towards supporting things that particularly matter to you and your family. This fund is invested and the income generated is used to support the causes that you specify.

To find out more, click here to read our Legacy information sheet.

For further information about us, please see our Case for support brochure

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Interested in leaving a lasting legacy?

To enquire about ‘Leaving a lasting legacy’, please email us at giving@cfsurrey.org.uk