Since July 2020, we have been running regular webinars looking at prevalent, yet hidden, local issues affecting Surrey.

They feature live interviews with charitable organisations the Community Foundation has supported, donors, and community experts on the issue being addressed.

Our webinar series continues into 2021. If you’d like to receive details of each webinar by email, please sign up to receive our communications here.

By any account, our home is one of the best places to live in England. With its vibrant towns, mature woodlands, affluence and ambition, Surrey is known across the UK for its quality of life.

We also know that this is only part of our story.

Behind closed doors, issues such as human trafficking and domestic abuse are rife. We’ve already learned that Surrey Police have recently opened 200 new investigations into human trafficking, and on average 28 domestic abuse crimes are reported to them everyday.

We know that there is a predicted 30% surge in demand for mental health services and the number of lonely and isolated people that make up our neighbourhoods continues to grow.

We know that Homelessness is a shocking rising issue, but one that does not surprise with the cost of living becoming forever unmanageable and the Covid-19 pandemic exacerbating circumstances.

Our Hidden in Plain Sight webinars bring together local people and voluntary sector experts to find meaningful solutions to Surrey’s prevalent, but hidden issues.

They are an opportunity to drive change and act now, to ensure that every individual in Surrey has hope.

Leadership is required to bring about meaningful sustainable change. For more than 15 years the Community Foundation for Surrey has brought together those wishing to give with those providing positive solutions. We urge you to join us, to address the pressing local issues, that have for too long, been hidden.

The series so far

You can find out more about what we heard, or access a recording to each of our webinars below – by clicking on the title!

1. Domestic Abuse

In Surrey, there are an estimated 35,400 victims of abuse, with 3,300 children visible to services as living in homes where there is domestic abuse.

We hear from one brave survivor, and how domestic abuse support services are quite literally a lifeline.

2. Children and Young People’s Mental Health

Of the 185,000 5-16 years olds in Surrey, statistics show over 23,000 children and young people are in need of help and support locally.

In Surrey, voluntary sector organisations are coming together to address the pressure for these services across the county.

3. Loneliness and Isolation

There are an estimated 232,000 people aged 65+ living in Surrey. Almost 60,000 of these live alone.

We hear from frontline charities Woking Age Concern and Farncombe Day Centre supporting our county’s lonely and isolated residents.

4. Human Trafficking

Surrey is in the top third of all police force areas in terms of the number of modern slavery victims coming forward.

Find out more about the ground-breaking partnership established with Justice and Care, Surrey Police and the Community Foundation to tackle this horrific crime.

5. The Truth About Poverty

Poverty can affect anyone. We know that in Surrey, 16% of households are classified as living in Poverty compared to 21% nationally.

Find out about the innovative methods adopted by East Surrey Poverty Truth Commission to bring people with lived experience together with those in positions of influence to change cultures and drive sustained change.

6. Homelessness

We can at any time fall into homelessness due to a series of unfortunate events. It is a complex and rising issue here in Surrey.

We know that from July–September 2020, there were 324 households assessed to be homeless in Surrey. 779 households were considered to be either homeless or threatened with homelessness in the next 56 days.

Learn more from the inspirational charities working on the frontlines to ensure the pandemic does not result in more individuals and families facing life on the streets – and the small, practical steps, we can each take to empower and support local people to access safe and affordable housing.

Together we can learn how we can support Surrey’s most vulnerable.


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