Hidden in Plain Sight

3rd July 2020

By any account, our home is one of the best places to live in England. With its vibrant towns, mature woodlands, affluence and ambition, Surrey is known across the UK for its quality of life.


We also know that this is only part of our story.

An 8% increase in calls to Surrey Police – with 28 domestic abuse crimes reported everyday, a predicted 30% surge in demand for mental health services and many more lonely and isolated people make up our neighbourhoods. COVID-19 has shown us that these issues can no longer be overlooked.

Hidden in Plain Sight  highlights issues that have always faced Surrey, but that have intensified since the Coronavirus pandemic. It is an opportunity to drive change and act now, to ensure that every individual in Surrey has hope.


Alongside local experts and frontline workers we will investigate what meaningful solutions must look like for our community to thrive.


Leadership is required to bring about meaningful sustainable change. For more than 15 years The Community Foundation for Surrey has brought together those wishing to give with those providing positive solutions. We urge you to join us, to address the pressing local issues, that have for too long, been hidden.

Together We Can

Our Hidden in Plain Sight Webinars bring together local people and voluntary sector experts to share the insights from organisations that are now facing a surge in demand for their services.

Together, we can learn how we can support Surrey’s most vulnerable.

Loneliness and IsolationTBCComing up in September. Please check back!

Click here to find out more about our latest webinar – addressing Children and Young People’s Mental Health.


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