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Please note, we are no longer accepting applications into our Coronavirus Response Fund.

We are developing an exciting new grants programme to assist charities and voluntary groups supporting local residents and communities to cope, and find a long-term and sustainable pathway to recovery following the pandemic.

Further details coming soon! Thank you for your patience at this time.

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Homelessness Webinar

Homelessness is a complex issue that can affect anyone - it is prevalent here in Surrey. Across the county, charities and partners are working together to ensure local people can access and retain safe and affordable accommodation. Find out what we heard at our recent Homelessness webinar. READ MORE

The Truth About Poverty Webinar

We came together with East Surrey Poverty Truth Commission and Surrey County Council to uncover the root causes of poverty within Surrey and learn how together we can drive cultural change. READ MORE

Human Trafficking Webinar

Last year, Surrey Police recorded over 200 cases of human trafficking within our county. Find out how the Community Foundation has come together with charity Justice and Care and Surrey Police to address this prevalent hidden issue. Together we can. READ MORE

What we are hearing from charities

Voluntary organisations across Surrey have adapted quickly and efficiently to continue supporting our vulnerable local residents, but many are now at a crisis point due to pressures brought on by the pandemic, including severe financial loss and the surge in demand for their services.

The report released by the National Emergencies Trust (NET) states that 1 in 8 people living in the UK expect to seek support from a charity or voluntary body in the next 12 months, as a direct result of challenges created by Covid-19. For more than half (61%) of these people, it will be the first time they have ever sought charitable support.

We have been working closely together with organisations across the county, to identify crucial areas where funding support from our community is most needed. Key issues and concerns include:

  • Significant loss of income from all sources
  • Significantly increased demand for services
  • Lack of resilience in their organisations due to staff and services being stripped to minimal essential levels
  • The human cost of the pandemic
  • The long-term effects on communities – for years to come

Organisations are also increasingly having to deal with severe issues and worsening of conditions amongst their existing beneficiaries.

One local organisation that supports people with physical, mental and learning disabilities informed us: “Many of our customers have challenging behaviours and thrive on routine, and the uncertainty and restrictions have had a negative impact on them. Similarly, we support many people with acute mental health and anxiety issues, and the isolation and uncertainty has triggered a worsening of symptoms. There has been an increase in incidents of challenging behaviour and mental health crisis over the last two months”.

Further findings can be found on the Data and Insights pages below.

As we move into a period where restrictions are being gradually lifted there is a sense that life will start to move back towards normality. However, for many, the impact of the pandemic will continue for some considerable time to come.

From 2021 onwards we will be building our Surrey Community Fund. The Surrey Community Fund allows us, using our local knowledge and expertise, to get the funds to where the need is greatest quickly and efficiently.

Data and Insights

Reduced Income

Many organisations have seen significant proportions of their traditional funding streams cancelled during the pandemic and many are experiencing huge un-forecasted and unplanned losses of income. READ MORE

Increased Demand for Services

The National Emergencies Trust reported that one in six UK adults have sought charitable help in recent months as a direct result of the pandemic. For 70% of them it was the first time they had ever sought support from the sector. This is anticipated to continue. READ MORE

Domestic abuse

The National Domestic Abuse helpline saw a 25% increase in calls and online requests for help in the first couple of weeks after lockdown, according to the charity, Refuge. Find out how we are supporting charities with this increased demand. READ MORE



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