Grant application deadlines

For our Main Programme, the Expressions of Interest (EOIs) received before each deadline will be considered together. We will invite the strongest matched EOIs to our Funds, and will provide a link to the full application form at least a month before the application deadline.

Our next EOI deadline is at 9am Monday 8th July 2024. The invited application deadline is 9am Monday 2nd September 2024. Grants will be awarded in December 2024.

Deadlines for our Main Programme

EOIs open
EOI deadline
Applications open for invited groups
Application deadline
Notification of decisions
Closed 9am Mon 29 Jan
9am Mon 12 Feb
9am Mon 25 Mar
Mon 1 Jul
Closed 9am Mon 8 Jul
9am Mon 22 Jul 9am Mon 2 Sept Mon 9 Dec
Tues 27 Aug 9am Mon 14 Oct 9am Mon 28 Oct 9am Mon 9 Dec Mon 24 Mar 2025
9am Mon 6 Jan 2025 9am Mon 17 Feb 2025 9am Mon 3 Mar 2025 9am Mon 14 Apr 2025 Mon 14 Jul 2025
9am Mon 19 May 2025 9am Mon 8 Jul 2025 9am Mon 21 Jul 2025 9am Mon 1 Sep 2025 Mon 1 Dec 2025
Tues 26 Aug 2025 9am Mon 20 Oct 2025 9am Mon 27 Oct 2025 9am Mon 8 Dec 2025 Mon 23 Mar 2026


Deadlines for our Strategic Programme

The Strategic Transformation Programme does not have fixed deadlines and operates as a rolling programme. We will review EOIs as they are received and come back to you with more guidance as quickly as possible. Please use this EOI form to let us know of your needs.