Professional Advisors

We work with Solicitors, Accountants, Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers to provide advice and support relating to the philanthropic needs of their clients.

As individuals’ understanding of social needs and their role in supporting their own communities increases, there is growing interest to learn more about philanthropy and effective charitable giving and the options available to them. Good advice in this area is important.


Working with you to support your clients

Working together with you, we can provide a fully inclusive offering to help you meet your clients’ charitable goals and exceed their expectations in terms of the range of options available to them. Together, we can ensure that your clients’ charitable giving meets the causes they wish to support.

We provide a range of options for private clients who are interested in:

  • Leaving a legacy or gift in their will
  • Setting up a personal fund
  • Transferring the burden of running a charitable trust*

*We can assist existing charitable trusts who are unable to put their funds to use, either because of having difficulty identifying beneficiaries or not being able to recruit new trustees. We provide a range of options from assisting with grant- making to taking over the legal responsibilities for the trust completely, yet with clients retaining an interest and involvement, should they wish.

We also offer similar support to corporate donors who have an interest in the local community.


Benefits to your clients

Community Foundations are an ideal vehicle for philanthropists to provide some structure to their giving in a tax efficient way and offer a flexible alternative to creating conventional charitable trusts or a foundation, which can prove complicated and costly to set up and administer. The administrative and governance burden on trustees of running a conventional charitable trust is ever increasing which, understandably, can be off-putting to many clients.

We offer a practical alternative, making charitable giving to local causes stress-free, easy and enjoyable for clients and can work with you and your client to find the best solution.


Residual Client Balances

Where residual monies on client accounts cannot be traced and returned to the original owner, professional firms are required to give these unclaimed balances to charity. We can transform unclaimed balances into an asset for the community, holding the funds in our endowment. The capital funds are protected, and we can provide an indemnity in case the original owner should seek recompense. In the meantime, the annual income earned from the interest and dividends can be distributed to local community groups.

To discuss working with the Community Foundation for Surrey, please contact Laura Thurlow, Chief Executive, by calling 01483 478092 or emailing


Are you looking for funding?

We support local charities, community and voluntary groups in Surrey whose work benefits our communities.



"Philanthropic organisations, such as the Foundation, are needed more than ever to fill the widening gap between cause and effect."
Bryan - Retired solicitor